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Monday, January 4, 2016

God's Mysterious Ways OR No Excuses

God works in mysterious ways. This was something I was reminded of again this past week end! I had always wanted an exercise machine - just did not know if I had room. Once we figured out that our plans for our sunroom are put on hold till we can take care of a few extra things- it was obvious that it would be a great space to exercise.

Well you all remember how just a couple of years ago- God provided this awesome elliptical for me? And at a great deal too!
 Well I tried and tried to use it but it really took a lot of work at it as hard for me to use it more than a 2-3 minutes at a time. Let me tell you - it did a great job of reminding me I was out of shape.

I decided I was going to have to go with something that I could handle and that I could actually exercise on for some length of time. I shared on Facebook about wanting to sell my elliptical and my sister in law said she had a treadmill that she was wanting to get rid of - could we trade? Why YES! That would be a great idea! It took longer than I had really wanted to get the trade made. But on the morning that we were going to have our family Christmas get together- God gave me a brilliant idea- we each load up our machine in our trucks and then trade out. That way no one had to go out of their way to make the trade. And just like clockwork - it worked out great!

Here is the treadmill that I got:
And I love it!! It's what I have always wanted!! When it is cold or hot outside I can now walk in the comfort of my home! And this morning I was able to walk for the first time. I have some goals for this year and getting in better shape is one of them. The other one is to lose the 15 pounds that I gained with chemo. And I know a lot of New Year's Resolutions go by the wayside shortly after the first of the year. But I intend on keeping these. I intend on being successful. I have NO excuses now.

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  1. What a blessing! You are going to really enjoy a treadmill more, I think. NIt was when we lived in TX that we bought my treadmill--for the exact reason you said--it is so hot many of the times, and with a treadmill you can walk on YOUR schedule! Have something so you do not get bored. You can watch videos, listen to audio Bible, so many things! I use my iPad and read email while I walk! Or listen to the Bible!


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