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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cpap Saga From the Beginning

Ok - obviously this post should have come before the last one, I thought I had posted this- I have no idea why I hadn't.

1st night: I had a hard time getting comfortable, but I slept a bit better than either of the nights at the sleep study center.

2nd night: On my second night with the cpap machine - the time it took me to go to sleep and then get back to sleep once I woke during the night was shorter than the night before.

3rd night: On my third night of sleep - I realized that maybe my soft pillow would be a better choice and make it easier for me to get comfortable with the mask. I had been going back and forth between my favorite pillow and a softer one.

4th night: Friday night was my forth night with my cpap machine and I just have to say it was a rough night. I kept waking up and have the hardest time getting comfortable - even with the softer pillow.  This ended up being a blessing...

Which takes us to the 5th night. My husband also uses a cpap machine, but he only uses a mask that goes over the nose. Well since Friday night was so rough on me - we decided that I would try one of his masks and it worked SO much better. I could get comfortable on my stomach even!

This helped me decide to call and request them to send me the nasal pillows mask that I actually tried at my sleep study. I think the decision for me to use a full mask was because I tend to breath through my mouth but -I think I will learn not to do that. And if I continue to have problems - there is a mouth piece that I can get and use in order to keep my mouth shut at night.

Stay tuned for the next part in our Cpap Saga.

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