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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Record Book

Sometimes I get my best ideas from other people. today I am going to be sharing an idea that I have gotten from my sister.

So you know that my sister and I do a lot of our shopping for clothes and such at thrift stores? Well a year or so ago my sister began to wonder how much she was spending on clothing. So she bought a small notebook to keep in her purse so that she could keep track of her purchases.

Then she set a budget for herself. Then for the entire year of 2015 she would record what she bought and how much money she spent. And by the end of the year she discovered she had not only stayed in budget, she had some money left over!!

So I decided that I would like to see how much money I spend on clothes and such each month and for the year. So I went and bought a little notebook for my purse and I will begin keeping track of my purchases. Here is my record book:

 I am kind of thinking that I may want to keep track of other purchases as well. It will be interesting to keep up with how much money is spent.

I may do some posts about my purchases throughout the year. I am not sure yet. 

So I am just wondering - do any of you keep track of what you spend and what have you found the best methods?

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