Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love. I Corinthians 16:13, 14 NKJV

Friday, March 31, 2017

An Update- a change of mind

So remember me telling you that I had bought this top?
It was amazing to be able to buy something that was not in the plus department at the store. However, the top was a tad bit too short. And after paying just under $12.00 for it - I thought that it probably was not such a great idea to keep it. Especially since I have at least 18 pounds more that I want to lose and there is no telling I may need another size down or so from the size of this top. And so right now is not the time to be investing in new clothing. You know...especially after I had posted about a couple of the things I have found lately. And how I paid less for the walking bling shorts and the black top plus tax for less than I paid for this top. It just did not settle well with me.

When I get to my goal and I decided if I am going to stay there or continue on- or not. That will be the time for me to invest in some nice things, but till then - I will be shopping thrift stores and finding as great of things as I can at a fraction of the cost. That is what I prefer doing anyways!
Hope you all are doing well. I have a busy day planned today. Going to Block of the month is one thing I have going. Do you want to see my block this month- the one I just finished making?
It was a bit challenging, but thankfully I was able to finish it in time - since I have to take it in finished in order to get my next block. Can't wait to see the block I will be putting together next.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Just One Benefit to Thrift Store Shopping

So - some soon to not be related to me people basically bad mouthed my husband and I because we shop at thrift stores. It really hurt my feelings at the time because they blasted us on Facebook and it was really done in an ugly way - like our gifts that we buy for people come from thrift stores...uhhh no..... Anyway today I wanted to take just a few minutes to show some of the benefits of shopping at thrift stores.
I am in the middle of a weight loss goal. I have went down a couple of sizes so far and believe I will at least go down another size or two by the time I reach my goal. Thankfully I have a decent amount of clothes from the last time I was this size. However, there is a change - my body is different now (post hysterectomy) than before and so some of the things I have do not work any more. So I have had to buy a few things to get me through to the next size. What better thing to do than to buy gently used things at a fraction of the cost?! I think it would be stupid to go pay full price for things that I know I will not be wearing in a year from now. That would be very dumb indeed. So when I go to a thrift store and find this great walking shorts( I call them that because they go down to the knees) by the way I don't like wearing shorts any shorter than that. And I prefer wearing capris - but when my sister found these awesome walking shorts for only 3.93 - I could not pass them up. The only problem is that the button was missing. Easy fix - when I got home - I looked in my button box and found a great button to use. And they are as good as new now. I will certainly get 3.93 dollars worth of wear out of them!!!
 This cute top - my sister also found for me on our last shopping trip. And at only 4.49 - I thought it was a great deal - especially to find a top long enough. Too many tops these days are a little shorter than I like wearing them. I am becoming a little less self conscience about that kind of stuff - the more weight I lose but I still like a decent length on my tops. And this one is a great length and with the different top panel - it isn't a plan black top. I really like some type of detail or buttons or something on my tops - I really don't like plain tops. So this having that different panel and a bit of a gather made it a cute top.
How is that for an outfit for under $10.00. If I were to buy new - I would have to pay more than that for one piece of clothing.

So although some people might look down their noses at those of us that go thrift store shopping - my sister and I think it is a wise thing to do. A good way to be good stewards of the money that God has provided for us. There are many other great benefits to thrift store shopping this is just the one that stands out to me today as I was thinking through things.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Lesson From This 35 Pound Bag....

So today I brought in this 35 pound bag of birdseed to dump in my bucket I have for birdseed. It had been in my trunk for a couple of weeks, but when I heard a story from my Mother in law about a mouse(or rat) getting into her car and tearing things up, I decided it was past time to get it out of my trunk. Last thing I want to do is to draw the attention of mice to my car.
As I carried this bag of birdseed - I thought of it weighing 35 pounds - just several pounds more than the total amount of money that I have lost in the last 9 months. I thought of how heavy the bag of seed was and I was amazed that 9 months ago I carried that much more weight around. I thought how very happy I was that I was 32 pounds lighter and how when I lose the rest of the weight towards my goal - 18 more pounds - I can lift a 50 pound bag of chicken feed to see how much I have lost at that point. And it will remind me - I do not want to be carrying that extra weight around any more.

It been a slow go- some might have even given up by now- but I choose to continue on towards my goal. In the past I have worked hard towards losing weight but usually after about 9 months or a year- I fall off the wagon. There is a big difference this time. This time I have a goal. This time I am determined to continue on until I reach the goal that I feel that God led me to making. And with His help, I will reach my goal. I am hoping to be able to say that I have reached my goal by my next birthday in 8 months.

So if you have felt that you need to lose weight- if it is something you have struggled with for quite some time - like I have maybe it would be a good idea for you to find something that is equivalent to the amount of weight you would like to lose. Pick it up and feel how much weight it actually is - and then imagine what it would be like to lose that amount of weight. To be able to lay that weight down. It is amazing when you actually get to be reminded of the weight lose, now I know what on the show Biggest Loser - why they would usually have at least one challenge that brought the contestant to having to carry the weight that they have lost - it is powerful. Even though I have seen the show and seen the people do that many times- I never realized the significance of it until this afternoon. Now I know- the difference between how I felt 9 months ago to how I feel now. And I feel great! I am so thankful that God has given me the ability to lose this weight and I praise Him for the strength and wisdom that He gives. :O)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Prosperity and Joy

A community is

not likely to be overthrown

where woman fulfills her

mission, for by the power

of her noble heart over

the hearts of others, she

will raise it from its ruins,

and restore it again to

prosperity and joy."

~ John Angell James

female piety


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Beloved Names of God....Strong Tower

Strong Tower
"The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it, and it is safe."
Proverbs 18:10 
  • Name of God the Father
  • God is referred to as a "strong tower" twice in the KJV; Once in the book of Psalms and once in the book of Proverbs.
  • A strong tower is a defensive, protective place where the innocent might withstand the attacks of their enemies.
  • King Solomon, the probable author of Proverbs 18, compared the safety found in the Lord with the illusory sense of security some men find in worldly wealth. He pointed out that their conceited attitude will be the cause of their downfall.
The ancient Irish used to built stone towers near their abbeys. When Viking raider appeared, the monks and villagers would take themselves and their valuables up a ladder and into the towers through doors 12 feet from the ground. Then they would hoist the ladder up behind them, close the door, and wait for the threat to go away.
Isn't it comforting to know that in a world where evil is still attacking, that's the kind of protection God offers the faithful?
Next week we will look at the name Messiah. :O)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Biblical Portrait...series...

Examining our walk in the light of Scripture
The verses on the following pages express God's heart for women. Together they provide a biblical portrait of a godly woman.
The questions that follow each verse are designed to help evaluate how well you are applying the Word in your daily walk. the point is not to answer a simple "yes" or "no" to each question, but rather to use the questions as a basis for person meditation, application, and response to the Lord.
Some of these verses are directed specifically to married women. Other apply more broadly to all women. Regardless of your marital status, ask God to open your heart and to help you see areas where He wants to mold you and make you a woman after His own heart.
To get the most our of this exercise, you may want to focus on one verse each day, asking God to show you how your life measures up to that particular aspect o His design. As you work through this section, highlight three or four verses that reveal specific areas of need in your life, so you can memorize them and engraft them into your heart and life.


How does God want to use me in others' lives?

"I exhort therefore, made....for all that are in authority" (1 Timothy 2:1-2, KJV).
Do I faithfully pray for the leader that God has placed in my life (e.g., husband, parents, pastors, employer, elected officials), asking God to bless them, to meet their needs, to protect them, and to make them godly leaders?

When someone in a position of authority fails, do I pray for them, rather than criticizing or attacking them?
"She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness: (Proverbs 31:27).
Am I a hard worker?
Am I attentive to the needs of those around me?
Am I faithful in fulfilling practical responsibilities in my home?
"...well known for her good deeds, such as bring up children, showing hospitality, washing the feet of the saints, helping those in trouble and devoting herself to all kinds of good deeds." (1 Timothy 5:10).
Is my life characterized by compassion, sacrifice and acts of service?
Do I have a reputation for reaching out to minister to the needs of others?
"Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality" (Romans 12:13)
Am I sensitive to the needs of other believers?
Am I generous in sharing with others who are in need?
Do I open my home to minister to others?
"Teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good" (Titus 2:3).
Is my life a godly example to younger women?
AM I self-controlled and temperate in the way I speak and in my lifestyle?
AM I actively involved in teaching younger women how to live their lives according to the Word of God?
"Train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God" (Titus 2:4-5).
Are my priorities in order?
Am I adequately focused on loving and meeting the needs of my family?
Do I model a selfless, sacrificial, serving love for my husband and children?
Is my spirit self-controlled, pure and kind?
Is my life an illustration of the "biblical portrait of womanhood"?
Be sure to stop by on Sunday where I will be sharing a poem from this book.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Clothes Don't Lie

The weather here has been wonderful- Spring is here for sure! In fact, our temps have been in the middle to upper 80's for the last week. We have enjoyed the weather. Except there have been times we have had to close up our house and turn the AC on. I sure enjoy the time of the year that we are able to keep the windows open and enjoy the cool breeze.
We have even had to mow a couple of times.  Last year we were mowing into November. So there is a chance that we will be mowing for the next 9 months.
We have been working at getting our garden planted. We have most of it planted. I will try to do a post soon to show photos of what all we have planted this year. We are so hoping to have a better year with our garden than last year.
And the photo below is a bit of the beauty that we are bring to our yard. Its a tiny piece of the oasis I am creating. I want to create place here that we don't have to take a vacation from - but can vacation here. I still have quite a list of things I want to do - slowly I am marking things off of the list. I am not back to 100% yet. Still feeling a little under the weather. Hoping to be better soon.
So I wanted to check in and let you all know what we have been up to - planting our garden, cleaning up our yard, making bread, mowing, finally getting energy and getting back to walking. And by next week I am hoping to be back to my workouts with weights.

I have lost a total of 31 pounds! Yay! It's slow but at least it is progress!! And I am thrilled to report - for the first time in a very LONG time I was able to shop from another section at the store than the plus size section! I bought a beautiful summer top!

I can't even remember the time I could shop in any area other than plus sized area.
It is such an amazing encouragement to me that I am making progress!
Sometimes I wonder if my lose is even showing up.
A friend posted on Facebook a status that said something about the first 48 pounds -that it seems that people don't seem to notice that you have lost weight until you have lost at least 48 pounds- which sometimes I feel like maybe she is right. It's like I have clothes that I am fitting into that I have not worn in 5 years - and I am able to wear them. That tells me that I am making progress. That the 31 pounds are showing up. The clothes don't lie.

So I am going to continue on - making the good choices to take care of me. Enjoy each step in the right direction that I go. And enjoy the progress that I can see- whether it is buying smaller sized or wearing clothes that I have not worn in a really long time. And continue to look for the next eye opening thing that reminds me that I am losing weight and I am making a difference in me. I am changing - it might be slow but it is intentional and I am happy with the direction I am going.
Hoping to be back on soon to tell you about our garden!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Own Fault....really

I did not mean to totally disappear. I had big intention of getting back to posting things here at my blog. But life happens and this time it was my own fault ....really.

So last week end I was asked to make muffins for our churches ladies tea that we do every year. Well of course I said yes and away I went making lots and lots of mini brownies and mini apple muffins- both of these are delicious of course! I have not made either in quite some time because I knew that I did not need them. So many muffins were made. And I ate a couple of each - you know to make sure the batches were good. It's quality control. At the tea- I had a couple more. And then I was tempted beyond what I could handle - apparently but dove dark chocolates.... And I ate too many. At the same time ~ I believe I was exposed...will tell more of that shortly...

So last week-end a dream of mine came true- we got and put up this awesome island deck. We are not finished - we have a list of things we want to do - just haven't had the chance yet.
Monday night I was breaking down the boxes that our patio set came in and was putting them in the trashcan. We have heavy duty trashcans that had attached lids. And towards the very end the lid popped back down onto the bridge of my nose and my forehead. I was afraid that I was going to end up with a black eye/s. I put ice on it and that seemed to help. The next morning - my nose was runnier than usual as I had my quiet time. I began to have a head ache across my forehead. I began to think, as the day went on, that I had a sinus infection. But by evening I was afraid that I had the flu- I have worn our, sore, chilled and sick. I had a rough night. I called the Dr the next morning and was able to get in by 11am. Sure enough I had the flu. On the way home I stopped by and got a prescription for Tamiflu. I have struggled with feeling like crap since. Even today I still feel sick. This stuff has zapped the energy out of me. Yesterday I was determined to do at least part of my Fridays list of things I like to do every Friday. And Praise the Lord I was able to get at least half of it done.

This morning I spent some time out on my special island deck watching my churches sermon. I am so very thankful that they stream it live every Sabbath morning. If you follow the link - and it shows a sermon for "God has a Plan" it is a special sermon for our women's ministries week end last week end. You will be blessed to watch it. I am not seeing our sermon from this morning yet- but it was very good.

Anyway my head still hurts and my nose is stopped up and I feel weak and a bit dizzy. But I am thankful for this Sabbath day in which to rest and I am thankful for my patio set and that my dreams of a bit of an oasis in my back yard is coming true.

We have a lean-to to tear down and my husband will be building one elsewhere in the yard. That was this section of our back yard will be more for an oasis. We have a gate to built and put in. And I am hoping for another herb garden and flower garden to be put in along a fence line. I need to decide where to put the earth worm farm I am working on. We have a picnic table that I need to rake out the leaves from an area in my yard to move the picnic table to - in the shade  - so we can use it to do painting with my granddaughter during the summer. And we have a bench to move out between some trees in the back yard. I can not wait to feel better in order to work towards getting some of this stuff done. I have done a few little tiny steps towards the oasis I want. My dream is to create in my back yard a restful area in which to enjoy - and have refreshing for the soul.

Every day is one day closer to me feeling better and having more energy. I am so hoping to be able to get back to exercising and walking soon. And I am hoping that I did not lose very much of my progress. And as I started out saying it was my fault- I should have never allowed myself to let myself get out of hand with the chocolate and sugar. This sickness- the worse sickness I have had in a super long time - has re-encouraged me to take better care of me and to make better choices - I don't want to get this sick again..... Hope you all are doing good and are well. :O)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Use It or Lose It

Several months ago - when I knelt down I knew instantly that I had an issue with my knee. The pain shot through the middle of the knee cap. It seemed that for a couple of weeks I kept accidently doing things that hurt it because I was not used to having restrictions.

I decided that I needed to take a break from my morning workouts with Jennifer Webster with Rise Up. Click the link to check out her website - you can also watch her videos from her website. If you hit the "watch now" button - it will take you to a page that will give you several video's to choose from. I really enjoy working out with her. Anyway so I took off a month or two.

After a couple of months of not losing any weight- on the scales - I decided to get back to exercising. When I started working out with Jennifer again - I realized that I had lost a little of the progress I had made. I realized how very important it is for us to continue to exercise and work towards better health.

I know that I want to keep my health and my strength. The end of February my Mother in law ended up in the hospital with Pulmonary Embolism. And she spent a week in the hospital. And of course, lost some of her strength. This experience helped remind me the importance of taking care of ourselves. It seem that when we are young we do what ever we want and we feel we are getting away with it but the truth is we are not. Things will catch up with us. And I have had to go through enough things myself and with my MIL to tell you - it is not fun. When I took my MIL to the ER - she got poked and prodded so much- and they had a really hard time getting a big iv in my MIL arm for the Ct scan - that I almost started crying. It is important for us to do the best we can to take good care of ourselves. As long as there is sin - there will be pain and suffering but we can help ourselves not have to go through as much if we will allow God to guide us and direct us in the way we take care of ourselves.

So remember - make an effort to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine and get some exercise. Set a goal of at least 3 times a week - more if you can. But start somewhere. When you set a goal you are more likely to achieve that goal. Exercise and build up your muscles. Keep yourself strong by continuing to work at being healthier  - it is worth the time and effort. I know it is to me! :O)

Monday, March 13, 2017



So I just have a few minutes to drop by and say hello! I thought this was an adorable photo to share. It's how we could be feeling this week- especially if you do not try to respect your need for sleep. I am doing my best to get to bed at a decent time and try to force my schedule over. It is challenging at first but just keep at it.

I have to admit I do enjoy some sunlight later in the day - that is one reason I don't have much time. We are working on an important project in our back yard. And I can't wait to share it with you all. We just have quite a bit to do before I will be ready to take photos and share.

Today I watched my "The Art of Bread Making" by the West Ladies- Homestead Blessings I believe. In this awesome dvd - they show how to make bread, hamburger buns, c-rolls, cornbread, pizza sticks, and meal in a loaf. Some great ideas. I am so thankful that I invested in these dvd's. I ended up making the bread and also the hamburger buns- sesame seed buns - for our supper tonight and I was extremely happy with how they turned out. It is a keeper of a recipe!!!
Well I better close - so I can get a few things done before the sun goes down. Hopefully I can get on here again soon and get back to posting more regularly. I have had extra things come up like taking my mother in law to the Dr's. Next month I already have 5 appointments to take her to- luckily 2 are on one day and two are on another day. It will be a bit stressful - because she will have to have testing done at one place and then drive to another place to see dr. Just hope it all goes smoothly.
Hope you all are doing well. :O)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Beloved Names of God.... Adonai

Beloved Names of God


"But Abram said, "Sovereign LORD, what can you give me since I remain childless and the one who will inherit my estate is Eliezer of Damascus?"
Genesis 15:2 NIV
  • Name of God the Father
  • The word Adonai doesn't actually appear in the Bible. The translation, "Sovereign Lord," appears 296
  • Adonai is actually a plural or emphatic version of Adon, meaning "Lord." The word Adonai is used as a substitute for the tetragrammaton "YHWH."
  • When Abram heard the world of the Lord promising to be his very great reward, it is the first time in the Bible that God is addressed as Adonai.
So why use the plural term Adonai when the singular, Adon, means "Lord"?
For an earthly example of this we might look to the United Kingdom where the kind ore queen never refers to themselves as I. As sovereign Queen Elizabeth II uses the royal plural, as in, "We think that would be an excellent idea!" In doing so, she emphasizes the fact that she speaks no only as an individual but also as the nation she represents. It would be nice to think of God speaking for Himself- and for all of Creation (as He surely does).
For God to by known  by a name that signifies more than one lord doesn't mean there is more than one God. It means that He is much more than just a lord.
Perhaps it's a way of saying "Lord of lords." Or it may, as scholars think, refer to all the aspect of God: i.e., Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.   

Friday, March 10, 2017

Biblical Portrait ....series

Examining our walk in the light of Scripture
The verses on the following pages express God's heart for women. Together they provide a biblical portrait of a godly woman.
The questions that follow each verse are designed to help evaluate how well you are applying the Word in your daily walk. the point is not to answer a simple "yes" or "no" to each question, but rather to use the questions as a basis for person meditation, application, and response to the Lord.
Some of these verses are directed specifically to married women. Other apply more broadly to all women. Regardless of your marital status, ask God to open your heart and to help you see areas where He wants to mold you and make you a woman after His own heart.
To get the most our of this exercise, you may want to focus on one verse each day, asking God to show you how your life measures up to that particular aspect o His design. As you work through this section, highlight three or four verses that reveal specific areas of need in your life, so you can memorize them and engraft them into your heart and life.

What is God's Plan for me as a wife?

"The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her" Proverbs 31:11, KJV

  • Can my husband trust me to walk with God on a consistent basis and to respond to life's circumstances with praise, gratitude, and faith?
  • Can my husband trust me to be loyal and morally faithful to him?
  • Am I completely trustworthy in every area of my life-- in my relationships with other men? in my spending habits? in the way I talk about my husband to others?
"She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life" (Proverbs 31:12,KJV)

  • Am I committed to support my husband in every way possible and to always act in his best interests?
  • Do my husband know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am committed to him for life, no matter what?
  • Am I committed unconditionally to bless and serve my husband?
"She took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it" (Genesis 3:6).

  • In my life setting a godly example to my husband, children, and friends?
  • By my words or example, do I ever encourage others to act in a way that is contrary to the Word of God?
"As the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything" (Ephesians 5:24).

  • Do I respond to my husband's leadership in the same way that the church is to respond to Christ as its head?
  • Am I submissive to my husband in my actions, as well as in my attitude?
  • Does my response to my husband demonstrate to the world the beauty and blessing of submission to Christ?
"For the husband is the head of the wife" ((Ephesians 5:23).

  • Have I ever agreed with God that my husband is my spiritual head?
  • Do I allow my husband to lead me< or do I resist his leadership, making it difficult for him to fulfill his God-given responsibility?
"....and the wife see that she reverence her husband" (Ephesians 5:33, KJV).

  • Does my husband feel that I reverence and respect him?
  • Do others know that I reverence my husband?
  • By my words, example and counsel, do I encourage other women to reverence their husbands?
"The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. The wife's body does not belong to her along but also to her husband. ....(1 Corinthians 7:3-4)

  • Do I reserve intimate communication, looks, words, and touch for my husband?
  • Am I giving myself to meet my husband's sexual needs?
"If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home (1 Corinthians 14:35).

  • Do I motivate my husband to grow spiritually by seeking his counsel, input, and direction, or am I quick to run to my pastor or another counselor for answers to my questions and problems?
  • Does my husband feel that I value and respect his input and counsel?


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Rest in Him

This poem was in my morning devotion from the book "Streams in the Desert" I enjoyed it so much I thought I would share it. It seems that lately we have had more than our fair share of "hundred cares" it seems that like it says in 1 Peter 5:8 that the adversary is roaring around looking who to devour. I continue to hold onto Exodus 14:14 that says that "The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace."
One day when walking down the street,
On business bent, while thinking hard
About the “hundred cares” which seemed
Like thunder clouds about to break

 In torrents, Self-pity said to me:
“You poor, poor thing, you have too much
To do. Your life is far too hard.
This heavy load will crush you soon.”

A swift response of sympathy
Welled up within. The burning sun
Seemed more intense. The dust and noise
Of puffing motors flying past
With rasping blast of blowing horn
Incensed still more the whining nerves,
The fabled last back-breaking straw
To weary, troubled, fretting mind.

“Ah, yes, ’twill break and crush my life;
I cannot bear this constant strain
Of endless, aggravating cares;
They are too great for such as I.”

So thus my heart condoled itself,
“Enjoying misery,” when lo!
A “still small voice” distinctly said,
“Twas sent to lift you—not to crush.”

I saw at once my great mistake.

My place was not beneath the load
But on the top! God meant it not
That I should carry it. He sent
It here to carry me. Full well
He knew my incapacity
Before the plan was made. He saw
A child of His in need of grace
And power to serve; a puny twig
Requiring sun and rain to grow;
An undeveloped chrysalis;
A weak soul lacking faith in God.
He could not help but see all this
And more. And then, with tender thought
He placed it where it had to grow—
Or die. To lie and cringe beneath
One’s load means death, but life and power
Await all those who dare to rise above.
Our burdens are our wings; on them
We soar to higher realms of grace;

Without them we must roam for aye
On planes of undeveloped faith,
For faith grows but by exercise in circumstance impossible.

Oh, paradox of Heaven. The loadWe think will crush was sent to lift us
Up to God! Then, soul of mine,
Climb up! for naught can e’er be crushed
Save what is underneath the weight.
How may we climb! By what ascent
Shall we surmount the carping cares
Of life! Within His word is found
The key which opes His secret stairs;
Alone with Christ, secluded there,
We mount our loads, and rest in Him.

—Miss Mary Butterfield

Friday, March 3, 2017

It's been another crazy, busy week. So sorry that I haven't been able to post regularly. I did not get our Sabbath post done for this week.  But I do plan on getting the one done for next week. Plus hopefully I can get some things posted between now and then.

My Mother in law has gotten out of the hospital this week. And we have our granddaughter this week end so we have plenty of things going to keep us busy.

I hope you all are doing well. :O)

Biblical Portrait ....series

Examining our walk in the light of Scripture
The verses on the following pages express God's heart for women. Together they provide a biblical portrait of a godly woman.
The questions that follow each verse are designed to help evaluate how well you are applying the Word in your daily walk. the point is not to answer a simple "yes" or "no" to each question, but rather to use the questions as a basis for person meditation, application, and response to the Lord.
Some of these verses are directed specifically to married women. Other apply more broadly to all women. Regardless of your marital status, ask God to open your heart and to help you see areas where He wants to mold you and make you a woman after His own heart.
To get the most our of this exercise, you may want to focus on one verse each day, asking God to show you how your life measures up to that particular aspect o His design. As you work through this section, highlight three or four verses that reveal specific areas of need in your life, so you can memorize them and engraft them into your heart and life.

How does a woman of God conduct herself?

"All the city...doth know that thou art a virtuous woman." (Ruth 3:11, KJV)
Do I have a reputation for being a woman of moral virtue and godly character?

Do I keep myself pure from all influences that could defile my heart, thoughts, or actions?
"She openth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness" (Proverbs 31:26, KJV)
Do I bless my family, friends, and acquaintances by speaking words that are kind and wise?
Do I study and meditate on the Word of God so that I can know how to speak wise words?
Am I able to point people to specific Scriptures that apply to their lives and needs?
"Through patience a ruler can be persuaded, and a gentle tongue can bread a bone" (Proverbs 25:15)
Am I willing to wait quietly for God to change the heart of an authority that I feel is wrong, rather than pushing, manipulating, or nagging?
Do I seek to influence other by means of gentle words, rather than controlling or intimidating them with harsh words?
"A woman should lean in quietness and full submission" (1 Timothy 2:11)
Do I have a teachable spirit?
Do I receive instruction with a meek, obedient spirit?
"It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman" (Proverbs 21:19,KJV)
Does my spirit make it easy for those I live or work with to be around me?
Do I frustrate other or mad them want to stay away from me because of an argumentative or angry spirit?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Salvation By Faith in a nutshell

"If you put John 15:5, "Without Me yet can do nothing,
" with Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ,"
 you have- in a nutshell- the message of salvation by faith.
If we can't do anything without Christ,
 but with Him we can do all things,
 then all that is left for us to do is to get with Him."

Quote from "The Return of Elijah" by Morris Venden
 This is such a great book- I've never been disappointed by any of Morris Venden's books- I highly recommend them!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

BEST WAY....Y - Yielding to Divine Power



Best Way


Yielding to Divine Power

I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
 plans to give you hope and a good future."
Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)
Whenever you are faced with a trying situation- illness, debt, marital problems, loneliness, depression, substance abuse/addiction, etc., believe that God has the answer and the power to heal that situation. ANYTIME we ask to be rescued from bad habits, He offers it freely.
When we go to Him and ask for other things, and ask that His will be done, we are in effect saying, Lord, I know what You can do, and this is what I want You to do for me. But, if it is not Your will, I accept Your will as best for me. When we release control to Him, we receive a peace that passes all understanding. We can walk away knowing that He will do what is best for me, and it will happen when it is best for me. We will trust that He is able to do "exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ask or think" (Ephesians 3:19).  And when our request for help involves confession and repentance of some behavior that contributes to us getting where we are, we must stop the behavior and walk in the newness of life.
When I realized that God has indeed spared my life, I was happy to share His mercy with others who were  going through the same thing. I wanted everyone to have the same outcome I did. I had to accept, very painfully, that sometimes, some of us will die. BUT, when we realize that death is not the end, we have hope. After watching my father die, I was convinced that death with hope. After watching my father die, I was convinced that death with hope is so much better than life with suffering. For daddy, healing will come at the resurrection.
So, when the question surfaces, "Donna, what if the cancer returns and you worsen and die? What then?" My answer is this, "Because I believe that when God heals you it is thorough and complete, I am accepting this gift of healing. As long as I am following the will of my heavenly Father, "no weapon against me, shall prosper,"(Isaiah 54:17) and that include death. When He decides that I have completed all that He has put me on earth to do, then I can go to my grave, with the hope of the resurrection. And when He comes back to end the misery of this place called earth, I will rise again and be welcomed into eternal life. How do I know this? I have read His promises to me.

My Bible tells me:
*It's appointed unto all men once to die. (Hebrews 9:27) Not one of the people that Jesus healed when He was on earth is alive today.
*The living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything. (Ecclesiastes 9:5)
*Jesus compares death to a sleep. (John 11:11)
*And when one dies, his breath goeth forth, He returneth to the earth and in that very day his thoughts perish. (Psalm 146:4)
*Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them. (Revelation 14:13)
* Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life.(Revelation 2:10)
*We shall not all sleep, but we shall b changed...O death, where is thy sting, O grave where is they victory? (I Corinthians 15:51-55)
*But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as other which have no hope, For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord that we which are live and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we with are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (1 Thessalonians 4:13- 18)
*And I saw a new heaven and a new earth.... And there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, nor tears, for the former things are passed away. (Revelation 21:1,4)
There's gonna be a great reunion, real soon.