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Friday, March 31, 2017

An Update- a change of mind

So remember me telling you that I had bought this top?
It was amazing to be able to buy something that was not in the plus department at the store. However, the top was a tad bit too short. And after paying just under $12.00 for it - I thought that it probably was not such a great idea to keep it. Especially since I have at least 18 pounds more that I want to lose and there is no telling I may need another size down or so from the size of this top. And so right now is not the time to be investing in new clothing. You know...especially after I had posted about a couple of the things I have found lately. And how I paid less for the walking bling shorts and the black top plus tax for less than I paid for this top. It just did not settle well with me.

When I get to my goal and I decided if I am going to stay there or continue on- or not. That will be the time for me to invest in some nice things, but till then - I will be shopping thrift stores and finding as great of things as I can at a fraction of the cost. That is what I prefer doing anyways!
Hope you all are doing well. I have a busy day planned today. Going to Block of the month is one thing I have going. Do you want to see my block this month- the one I just finished making?
It was a bit challenging, but thankfully I was able to finish it in time - since I have to take it in finished in order to get my next block. Can't wait to see the block I will be putting together next.

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