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Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Own Fault....really

I did not mean to totally disappear. I had big intention of getting back to posting things here at my blog. But life happens and this time it was my own fault ....really.

So last week end I was asked to make muffins for our churches ladies tea that we do every year. Well of course I said yes and away I went making lots and lots of mini brownies and mini apple muffins- both of these are delicious of course! I have not made either in quite some time because I knew that I did not need them. So many muffins were made. And I ate a couple of each - you know to make sure the batches were good. It's quality control. At the tea- I had a couple more. And then I was tempted beyond what I could handle - apparently but dove dark chocolates.... And I ate too many. At the same time ~ I believe I was exposed...will tell more of that shortly...

So last week-end a dream of mine came true- we got and put up this awesome island deck. We are not finished - we have a list of things we want to do - just haven't had the chance yet.
Monday night I was breaking down the boxes that our patio set came in and was putting them in the trashcan. We have heavy duty trashcans that had attached lids. And towards the very end the lid popped back down onto the bridge of my nose and my forehead. I was afraid that I was going to end up with a black eye/s. I put ice on it and that seemed to help. The next morning - my nose was runnier than usual as I had my quiet time. I began to have a head ache across my forehead. I began to think, as the day went on, that I had a sinus infection. But by evening I was afraid that I had the flu- I have worn our, sore, chilled and sick. I had a rough night. I called the Dr the next morning and was able to get in by 11am. Sure enough I had the flu. On the way home I stopped by and got a prescription for Tamiflu. I have struggled with feeling like crap since. Even today I still feel sick. This stuff has zapped the energy out of me. Yesterday I was determined to do at least part of my Fridays list of things I like to do every Friday. And Praise the Lord I was able to get at least half of it done.

This morning I spent some time out on my special island deck watching my churches sermon. I am so very thankful that they stream it live every Sabbath morning. If you follow the link - and it shows a sermon for "God has a Plan" it is a special sermon for our women's ministries week end last week end. You will be blessed to watch it. I am not seeing our sermon from this morning yet- but it was very good.

Anyway my head still hurts and my nose is stopped up and I feel weak and a bit dizzy. But I am thankful for this Sabbath day in which to rest and I am thankful for my patio set and that my dreams of a bit of an oasis in my back yard is coming true.

We have a lean-to to tear down and my husband will be building one elsewhere in the yard. That was this section of our back yard will be more for an oasis. We have a gate to built and put in. And I am hoping for another herb garden and flower garden to be put in along a fence line. I need to decide where to put the earth worm farm I am working on. We have a picnic table that I need to rake out the leaves from an area in my yard to move the picnic table to - in the shade  - so we can use it to do painting with my granddaughter during the summer. And we have a bench to move out between some trees in the back yard. I can not wait to feel better in order to work towards getting some of this stuff done. I have done a few little tiny steps towards the oasis I want. My dream is to create in my back yard a restful area in which to enjoy - and have refreshing for the soul.

Every day is one day closer to me feeling better and having more energy. I am so hoping to be able to get back to exercising and walking soon. And I am hoping that I did not lose very much of my progress. And as I started out saying it was my fault- I should have never allowed myself to let myself get out of hand with the chocolate and sugar. This sickness- the worse sickness I have had in a super long time - has re-encouraged me to take better care of me and to make better choices - I don't want to get this sick again..... Hope you all are doing good and are well. :O)

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  1. I love your oasis! Am glad you are improving. I know how hard it is to make yummies and not allow yourself to eat them! And chocolate is my weakness for sure, but I have really had to get it under control because instead it used to control me!


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