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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Just One Benefit to Thrift Store Shopping

So - some soon to not be related to me people basically bad mouthed my husband and I because we shop at thrift stores. It really hurt my feelings at the time because they blasted us on Facebook and it was really done in an ugly way - like our gifts that we buy for people come from thrift stores...uhhh no..... Anyway today I wanted to take just a few minutes to show some of the benefits of shopping at thrift stores.
I am in the middle of a weight loss goal. I have went down a couple of sizes so far and believe I will at least go down another size or two by the time I reach my goal. Thankfully I have a decent amount of clothes from the last time I was this size. However, there is a change - my body is different now (post hysterectomy) than before and so some of the things I have do not work any more. So I have had to buy a few things to get me through to the next size. What better thing to do than to buy gently used things at a fraction of the cost?! I think it would be stupid to go pay full price for things that I know I will not be wearing in a year from now. That would be very dumb indeed. So when I go to a thrift store and find this great walking shorts( I call them that because they go down to the knees) by the way I don't like wearing shorts any shorter than that. And I prefer wearing capris - but when my sister found these awesome walking shorts for only 3.93 - I could not pass them up. The only problem is that the button was missing. Easy fix - when I got home - I looked in my button box and found a great button to use. And they are as good as new now. I will certainly get 3.93 dollars worth of wear out of them!!!
 This cute top - my sister also found for me on our last shopping trip. And at only 4.49 - I thought it was a great deal - especially to find a top long enough. Too many tops these days are a little shorter than I like wearing them. I am becoming a little less self conscience about that kind of stuff - the more weight I lose but I still like a decent length on my tops. And this one is a great length and with the different top panel - it isn't a plan black top. I really like some type of detail or buttons or something on my tops - I really don't like plain tops. So this having that different panel and a bit of a gather made it a cute top.
How is that for an outfit for under $10.00. If I were to buy new - I would have to pay more than that for one piece of clothing.

So although some people might look down their noses at those of us that go thrift store shopping - my sister and I think it is a wise thing to do. A good way to be good stewards of the money that God has provided for us. There are many other great benefits to thrift store shopping this is just the one that stands out to me today as I was thinking through things.


  1. You are smart for shopping thrift stores! And I even look for gifts at thrift stores as well! My kids know some of their gifts come from thrift store finds, and they don't care one bit but are happy for the special something you found for them there. They do their own shopping for gifts at thrift stores first--retail stores second. I think it is a blessing to them to have raised them to be good stewards of what God has put into their hands! I am so sorry for the criticism you have received. It reflects poorly on them, but not poorly on you!

  2. Hey Lisa, long time no see. I love going to thrift stores. Half the time you can find things that people never even put on... They are probably jealous because they can not find d great thing you have :-)...
    Oh here is my email..
    Hope to hear from ya...

    Renee in Tx ;-)


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