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Monday, March 27, 2017

Lesson From This 35 Pound Bag....

So today I brought in this 35 pound bag of birdseed to dump in my bucket I have for birdseed. It had been in my trunk for a couple of weeks, but when I heard a story from my Mother in law about a mouse(or rat) getting into her car and tearing things up, I decided it was past time to get it out of my trunk. Last thing I want to do is to draw the attention of mice to my car.
As I carried this bag of birdseed - I thought of it weighing 35 pounds - just several pounds more than the total amount of money that I have lost in the last 9 months. I thought of how heavy the bag of seed was and I was amazed that 9 months ago I carried that much more weight around. I thought how very happy I was that I was 32 pounds lighter and how when I lose the rest of the weight towards my goal - 18 more pounds - I can lift a 50 pound bag of chicken feed to see how much I have lost at that point. And it will remind me - I do not want to be carrying that extra weight around any more.

It been a slow go- some might have even given up by now- but I choose to continue on towards my goal. In the past I have worked hard towards losing weight but usually after about 9 months or a year- I fall off the wagon. There is a big difference this time. This time I have a goal. This time I am determined to continue on until I reach the goal that I feel that God led me to making. And with His help, I will reach my goal. I am hoping to be able to say that I have reached my goal by my next birthday in 8 months.

So if you have felt that you need to lose weight- if it is something you have struggled with for quite some time - like I have maybe it would be a good idea for you to find something that is equivalent to the amount of weight you would like to lose. Pick it up and feel how much weight it actually is - and then imagine what it would be like to lose that amount of weight. To be able to lay that weight down. It is amazing when you actually get to be reminded of the weight lose, now I know what on the show Biggest Loser - why they would usually have at least one challenge that brought the contestant to having to carry the weight that they have lost - it is powerful. Even though I have seen the show and seen the people do that many times- I never realized the significance of it until this afternoon. Now I know- the difference between how I felt 9 months ago to how I feel now. And I feel great! I am so thankful that God has given me the ability to lose this weight and I praise Him for the strength and wisdom that He gives. :O)

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  1. I think this is awesome to be able to realize what your frame is no longer having to carry around! I should keep my eyes open to find something that equals the weight I have lost--to help keep me determined to not gain that weight back again!


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