Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love. I Corinthians 16:13, 14 NKJV

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A blessing to me in many different ways

One of the main things that drew me to my new Sabbath School class at my new church was the sign by the door. It was the cover of the book they were reading, "13 Weeks to Peace."
  I saw it and thought - that sounds like what I need to be reading. And as I saw a lady come out of the room - I asked her about the class. She explained to me what they were doing and invited me to join them. "Yes" I responded and went and got my stuff where I had left it. I had intended on staying in the sanctuary where they have some other Sabbath Schools- but probably not as much of an ability to get to know people as this new Sabbath School.

On Sabbath we discussed the very last chapter. And in January we will start a new book. 
So this new church and Sabbath School has given me the opportunity to read books that I might not have chosen on my own. This last books that we have read - has helped me understand what life was like back in Jesus' day. 

One little tidbit that I will share is something I have just learned last week. So the author explained that during those times it was not unusual to have people say that they were the messiah. And gather a group of people to them - and they would have plans to over throw the Roman government - because that is what a lot of people thought the Messiah would do. And it was not unusual for the Roman authorities to not only execute the so called "messiah" but also his followers. So this helps us understand why when Jesus was taken into custody why the disciples scattered- they had seen what had happened to other followers of "messiahs" and they were afraid the same thing would happen to them. 

So as you can see - when we have a better understanding of what the culture was like then we can better understand things like - why Jesus was a revolutionary man. And He really was. In those days women and children were of no value, but Jesus loved them and taught people to value them as well. 

Anyway so this weeks blessing is that I have the opportunity to read books that I might not otherwise read. Then we meet together as a class and discuss the chapter and many times learn even more in our discussions with other people's insights.

Come back next week when I will share another blessing. :O)

Monday, December 17, 2018

Ways To Save

Today I wanted to share another "Ways to Save" post. Several years ago, before I stopped working outside of the home, I started buying this wonderful Meyers Multi-surface cleaner. It was like, and still is, like a luxury item to me. I love that these product don't have as many (if any?) of the harmful chemicals that many cleaners do. And bonus I love the smell!!! So how do you save even on a luxury type items? I am about to show you. 

On the left side of the photo are the spray bottles. as you can see they run $3.98. To the right is the concentrated formula. So I started off buying the spray bottle and then when I figured out which scent I liked the best - I bought the large bottle of concentrated formula. When my spray bottle starts to get low. I mix up some fresh formula. I think I figured it up to take 1 - 2 tsp of concentrate to make up a 16 ounce bottle. The large container of concentrate is 32 ounces - so you can see just how long this bottle will last!!! It will be a super long time before I have to invest in another bottle. Lucky for me I had bought a big bottle before the bakery shut down and I was out of a job. That bottle lasted me a really long time. I have recently figured out that honeysuckle is one of my favorite scents and so that is what I am using now.

Anyway this is just one of the ways I use to save money. Sometimes you have to spend a bit more money up front but the saving comes in not having to buy anything for quite some time-a year - maybe two. Who knows?! :O)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

He will bring good and beauty out of all your pain and tears

Today I wanted to share a recent "Streams in the Desert" devotional. It was just too good to pass up. 
I will give you the treasures of darkness (Isaiah 45:3).
In the famous lace shops of Brussels, there are certain rooms devoted to the spinning of the finest and most delicate patterns. These rooms are altogether darkened, save for a light from one very small window, which falls directly upon the pattern. There is only one spinner in the room, and he sits where the narrow stream of light falls upon the threads of his weaving. "Thus," we are told by the guide, "do we secure our choicest products. Lace is always more delicately and beautifully woven when the worker himself is in the dark and only his pattern is in the light."
May it not be the same with us in our weaving? Sometimes it is very dark. We cannot understand what we are doing. We do not see the web we are weaving. We are not able to discover any beauty, any possible good in our experience. Yet if we are faithful and fail not and faint not, we shall some day know that the most exquisite work of all our life was done in those days when it was so dark.
If you are in the deep shadows because of some strange, mysterious providence, do not be afraid. Simply go on in faith and love, never doubting. God is watching, and He will bring good and beauty out of all your pain and tears.
--J. R. Miller

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Not only knows, but loves us as well

This song means so much to me. I feel like I have struggled with acceptance of who I am for many years. It more than likely stems from my people pleasing tendencies. Over the last 10 years I have come to realize that people pleasing is not healthy. My focus should not be trying to please people.

Jesus and bringing glory to Him should be my focus.

I still struggle with the sting that comes when you feel that you are not accepted. So every time I hear this song it is like a salve to my soul.

God loves us and accepts up as we are but He doesn't leave us there. God is a God of freedom and never forces us to do anything,  that is why it is so important for us to be willing. And if we are willing He will work with us to perfect our characters.

"For I am confident of this very thing,
 that He who has began a good work 
in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." 
 Philippians 1:6 NAS 

As we spend time with Him we will come to reflect HIs character more and more.

"But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit." NAS 

"As all of us reflect the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, we are becoming more like Him with ever-increasing glory by the Lord's Spirit." NIV
~2 Corinthians 3:18
(both same verse - just different versions) 

It seems like such a slow process so often but we need not give up hope. We are not only known but also loved by Him! He knows and loves us! I am so thankful!! How about you?

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Released from oncologist

Time really does fly by! Five years ago when I was told I would have check ups every 3 months for the first 3 years and then every 6 months for 2 years I really thought it would never end. But here I was in the exam room after the Dr left and it hit me, I didn't have to go set up my next appointment. It was an emotional few minutes. Some joy and dancing along with some emotions from thinking of all I've been through over the last 5 years.

I got the all clear and told to see my gynecologist in a year. What a blessing to have made it this far!! Last year in November I attended the funeral of a friend who died of a rare combo of two aggressive cancers also in her uterus. In just a couple of weeks I will attend the funeral of a family friend who I've know since I was probably 5 years old. She passed away from breast cancer. Every time someone passes away with cancer the reality of how serious cancers is comes back to me. There are always some emotions to work through. And then there is gratitude that I am still here. It is a true blessing from God. It means He still has a job for me to do or lessons I need to learn. May I listen to His leading and learn the lessons He has for me.

Five years goes by quickly even when it doesn't seem to. And honestly maybe we wouldn't even notice how quickly if we did not have situations in which, like my experience, that you have to see the oncologist for 5 years. Had that not happened I may not have realize how quickly time really does tick by. We need to make our time count. What can we do to make our time count? Just something to ponder.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Healthy Tidbits

Today's Healthy Tidbit comes from a book that I recently found at my favorite little thrift shop - and when the books only run 50 cents - its hard to pass up a book that looks like it might hold some useful information. If nothing else, written by someone who probably understands some of the issues and things that concern me.
"Flaxseeds, ground flaxseed meal, and flaxseed oil are a plant source of an omega-3 fatty acid (alpha-linolenic acid or ALA) that may be valuable to help fight cancer. In addition, flaxseeds, but not the oil, are the most concentrated plant source of a phytochemical called lignin that bacteria in our large bowel convert to a molecule with anti-estrogen properties which may be useful in preventing or treating tumors that are estrogen responsive. I use one to two tablespoons of ground flaxseed meal per day. The optimal amount to include in our diets to prevent or treat cancer, and which cancers is the subject of much current research."

*Disclaimer - I have not read very much of the book and not sure if I agree with everything this lady has written - I just thought that this little bit that I read looked very interesting. I also know that freshly ground Flaxseed is very good for you - adds a good amount of fiber to your diet and also helps with the cholesterol levels. I am sure there is even more good about it. But do get the seeds and grind it in a coffee grinder - because fresh is best. The stuff that you buy that is already ground goes rancid pretty quickly - so really not worth it to go that direction.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A blessing to me in many different ways

I spent about 20 years at my last church. About a year ago or so I began to feel discouraged about my church life. I felt like I needed to make a move. I felt like I had made as many friends as I was ever going to make at that church.

I was a bit intimidated about the idea of finding a new church. I am very lucky to live in an area that has quite a few Seventh-day Adventist churches. In June I decided to check out a nearby church and an amazing thing happened, God worked the details out so perfectly that by the time I went home- I knew that was where God wanted me. Going to this new church has blessed me in many ways and I am going to be sharing with you some of the ways that I have been blessed in a series called "A blessing to me in many different ways."

Today I want to share the first blessing. I have so enjoyed the ability to meet new people and make new friends. It is a very large church and it can feel over whelming at times but I think it is important to be involved if at all possible in order to meet new people. I have attended a "Tatting" class, picked out a Sabbath School class, and helping with the food bank. And it looks as if I will also be helping with funeral meals. Going to this big of a church they have to have several different teams of people so that no one gets burned out.

A couple of weeks ago a new friend invited me over to show me some basics about my new Instant Pot. Not only did she show me the basics but she had made me a binder with a lot of the important basic information needed to use the Instant Pot. She went above and beyond! While I was there she offered to take me to a grocery store that runs awesome deals - this store in about a 45 minute drive and I had never been there before. We also decided to check out the weighing Goodwill. I had never been there either. So last week we spent a good part of the day looking for good deals- in things and food!!

Another lady from my Sabbath School gave me a beautiful fan because I was hot and she said she is not having much problems with hot flashes any more. What a sweet lady!!

Going to the new church opened some doors for me that otherwise would have remained shut. I am so thankful that I followed God's leading. All I had to do was take the first step and He graciously led the way and gave me signs for me to know I was headed in the right direction.

Come back next week when I share the next blessing.

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Few Minutes of Free Time

This week is filled with what I call adulting Well woman appointment, Dental appointment(was next week - but I have some stressful things going on next week and wanted to get this taken care of and out of the way) and then on Wednesday I have my appointment with my oncologist. Lots to do this week. But thankfully I have had a little bit of time to get onto the computer and get some posts typed up and should have a bit more time here and there this week to get more written. I have finally gotten smart and I have a notebook and I try to write down ideas when I have them and write out the post if I have even more time. Then when I get the things actually posted on my blog - I date it so I know I have followed through. There are many things in the past that I probably have not shared because I thought of it and then thought I had shared it, but didn't. Writing in in my notebook and then marking when I have written a post helps keep things straight.

For the last week my husband's schedule at work has been off a bit- instead of us waking up at 5:30-5:45am area- we have been getting up at 4:45am area. And most of the time I just stay up because once I am up and help get him out the door I am awake and if I try to go back to sleep it takes me quite some time. I even woke up that early on Sunday morning! And I was too awake to go back to sleep. Trust me - when 9pm rolls around I am ready for bed. And something earlier than that if I could. Right now I am very tired. I am thinking I will make sure I am in bed by 9pm so I can get a decent amount of sleep.

Please keep me in your prayers if you don't mind - for my dental appointment tomorrow afternoon and then Wednesday morning for my lab work and dr visit with my oncologist. Praying it all goes well and everything is till clear. Part of me will be relieved to be released from the oncologist - the other part of me is a bit concerned about it. Truth be told there is no time limit to when cancer can come back - it is just usually if a person is cancer free for 5 years - they feel that it is a good time to release them. But on support group sites I have read of people finding out 6- 7 years later. Believe me I have to get off of the support group because reading that kind of stuff just adds stress - and I don't need more stress. I have enough in my life already.

Hope you are all doing well. :O)