Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love. I Corinthians 16:13, 14 NKJV

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Fun Finds

On Wednesday I had not planned on going any where. Then I was looking through the Albertson's circular and they had a few deals that along with some coupons I had- would make it worth the trip. Well since I would be in town then a trip by the local GW would be in order. Well as I was catching up with my friends on facebook - I noticed where a friend said that there was a large garage sale in the same town and actually only a few blocks from GW. So I decided to add the garage sale to my list of things to do while I was out.

I found something that I thought was cool. And old phone - It is a Radio Shack - I found a similar one on Internet and they said it was from 1982. You can't see it very good but in the center - there is a photo of a Victorian lady. Well I guess her head only. We have a few vintage phone things on a shelf in our sun room - so when I can get the ladder in there I will be putting this phone up next to that stuff. Oh and the best part - it was only $2.00!
I also found an awesome Tupperware container with it's lid or $1.00! I LOVE to find Tupperware pieces - that are in good shape and cheap.

Next stop -Goodwill! As I walked up to some shelving units - I thought to myself - "I have hit the jackpot!!! Before me on the shelf were about 20+ Avon bottles!! WooHoo!! Well you will be proud of me, I showed some restraint. I did not buy them all.

I looked through them and picked my favorites -at kept the price at about $10.00. I love the pink flowers on this clock - I love details like that.

I loved this blue bottle - it was only $1.00 - it has a cork as part of the lid - thought that was interesting.

I had seen a bottle like this one at the Antique Mall and had just not wanted to pay the price they had on it. But I love it - so I was happy to find it cheaper.

I thought this pear was pretty. The detail on the pear is really neat.

This flower - was sitting with the metal thing sticking up. And had thought it was flower but did not figure it out that it was this detailed of a flower - till I got home and was looking at my bottles. I was so happy to find all this detail.

Well I found a few good deals at Albertson's but nothing cool enough to take photos

So that is how I spent part of one of my days off this week. I hope that you all are doing good. Until next time - take care. :o)

A Treasure Chest of Healthy Information part 3

Good Morning Everyone! Here is another updated repost. Enjoy :o)

Here is some information that I probably should have shared first. I know that most of you probably already know to wash your hands when you get home from running errands and such. That is very important. But one thing that Dr. B told us was to Wash your hands before you eat. It is very important - even if you have been home. It is very important to get all of the bacteria of your hands before you eat. That bacteria can cause plaque and plaque can break off and end up causing Strokes. Yeah - that is pretty important information.

Another bit of important information is that Vitamin C only stays in your body about 24 hours. So it is a good idea to replenish it every day. One way that Dr. B does this is that every morning when he wakes up he drinks 2- 3 glasses of water with the juice of a lemon in with the water. If you have not drank much water after 7pm the night before- you will be thirsty and this will be pretty easy to do. If you really don't like lemon - start with just a little and increase as you get used to it. When I first started doing this I just used 1/2 of a lemon - now I use the juice of a whole lemon.

Now I am going to share what Dr. B does for Breakfast and one of the things that we had for Breakfast. Dr. B takes 1 Cup of - Oat Groats, Pearled Barley and Wheat Berries. Today I went to a nearby store that sell this stuff that you can buy how ever much you want. And I just did 1/3 of each of the grains. Put this grain in with some water to soak - through the day. In the evening, before you go to bed. Drain the water off of the grains. Then you will put the grains into your crock pot. Now add 4 cups of water and 1/2 tsp. of salt. Put lid on and cook on low all night. Your breakfast will be ready for you in the morning! I have my grain soaking now and will have this for breakfast in the morning. You can add honey to this and all sorts of other goodies like: sesame seeds(very good for you) sunflower seeds, raisins, walnuts, pecans and I am sure there are other goodies that can be added. The Dr also recommends eating 2 - 3 fruits along with this hot cereal. There is so much goodness to this. And so much nutrition as well. And let me tell you this - it stays with you so you don't end up hungry and hour or two later.

I do this a bit differently now. For some reason - when I cooked my grains over night - I would end up with a slimy layer - which I did not like. So now I take one part grain to - two parts water and I cook it on the stove for about 45 minutes - or until the water is soaked in. I have less slim this way. And it taste pretty good. If you do not have time to do this or don't have access to grains - use Oatmeal - it does not have as much nutrition but it is better than a lot of other choices.

Here is something I found interesting: Singing releases Endorphins. That is one reason why we sing these two songs at the beginning of each meeting.

The National Anthem and America the Beautiful!

What is interesting is that the reason behind why he chose these two songs. Because usually when we hear these songs - something important happens afterwards. So once we have sung these songs - our brains know that important information is to follow. I thought that was interesting.

As you can tell - I am reading through these posts and changing and updating things a bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! :O)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Treasure Chest of Healthy Information part 2

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

You're on your own. And you know what you know.

You are the guy who'll decide where to go.

-Dr. Seuss

Well I understand that I am probably not giving this helpful information in a real orderly fashion - and I am sorry. I really am excited about everything I am learning and I really want to share with you all this powerful information.

So I want to start with something that I thought was very interesting. Your stomach as these little sensors and in order for your brain to get the message that you have gotten enough to eat - you must eat enough food for the sensor at the top of your stomach to go off. So how do you to this and still lose weight? It is really quite easy- if you will pick a more plant based diet and eat more fruits and vegetables(things with a lot of fiber) it will help fill your stomach up! Now I know for some of you that Meat is a very big part of your diet this would be very hard, but I am sure when you are ready God will give you the ability to make the changes needed. With all of our rich, fatty foods that we eat - we really mess up our taste buds. And it might take a little bit to make the transition over to healthier foods and more natural foods but as you eat them - your taste buds will come alive and you will be able to enjoy foods that maybe before you did not.

A personal note here - the last couple of years I have noticed that not very many foods taste really good to me. And that is not a good thing because then you eat more than your fair share in order to feel satisfied. Yesterday we went to the seminar all day -They fed us breakfast and lunch. It was very healthy and filling and we all felt great. Good food will do that for you. It will be like energy giving. But foods that are empty calories - meaning no nutritional value - they don't give you energy.

I am sure you all have heard it said that you should eat like a King for Breakfast, a Prince for Lunch and a Pauper for Supper. Well this is very true. You should eat a nice large breakfast with several pieces of fruit included. The food that you eat for breakfast will be turned into energy. Isn't that good news. So many times people skip breakfast in order to lose weight - but this will only back fire on you. You will not have energy and then you will end up eating WAY too much for supper.

Oh the Dr. also said that it is the supper meal that really does the most damage - like causes diabetes and such. Because it puts such a burden on your body(trying to digest it all.) So many organs in your body really do not get to function properly because they are so busy trying to digest that meal.

Dr. B said that you should try to not eat after 5pm. I know that will be hard on some of you - adjust it to fit your schedule. But He said that it was best to eat your last meal about 4-5 hours before you went to bed. He also said it was not good to drink a lot of water right before going to bed. It was best to maybe limit what you drank after 7pm. IF you drink a lot of water- then I think he said that your liver had to work on filtering it and then your bladder would have to be working - which would cause you to have to get up in the middle of the night. And it is best to have 7 -8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Speaking of sleep- He said try to be asleep by 10:00pm - something about growth hormones. I think it was that was when the body released the growth hormones at about 10am and so if you are sleeping and have not eaten anything in several hours and not drank a lot of water - then your body would work on itself. I know I have heard that that sleep before midnight is very important.

OK - I think I will stop there. By the way the movie that we got to watch - "Forks over Knifes" has come out on DVD! In fact, if you are on Facebook - go to there page- and they have a FOK Store - you can order the movie - or another good deal is that they have a DVD along with a cookbook for like $29.95. That is what I ordered. I was going to try to set up a link and just could not figure out how to do it the best way. I will continue to repost some of these posts from last year to give us all some encouragement. :O)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quilt Show ~"Celebrating Texas" part 3(edited)

These cute little hangers/quilts that were about 2 foot square or so - were arranged when you first came into the building. They had a few more but there was some kids that wanted to play in that area so I just got the photos I could and settled for these. But I think they are quite nice and that you all will enjoy them.
^EDITED: Ok I noticed in the book that these quilts were to be 40X40 - not the 2 foot square that I roughly guessed on.

I thought these lace curtains on the window- that is looking out at some Texas wildflowers - including the Texas state flower - the blue bonnets.

I think that this last one is my favorite. It has the counties in Texas all divided out. That took a lot of time and effort.

I am hoping that you have enjoyed my trip to the "Celebrating Texas" Quilt Show with me. :o)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Quilt Show ~part 2

I wish I had have realized that the book that they gave me at the front door would have so much information in it. Next time I go to a quilt show - I will take something to write with and I will take notes on the quilts I like enough to take photos of. But for now - Mostly what I have is some photos. Not all of my photos came out so hopefully these will entertain you enough - until I have my last installment of photos from the Quilt Show.

I think that the 30's fabrics or what some people call "Aunt Grace" fabrics make really pretty quilts.

I believe that this quilt was made by a man. Well the person's name was Will. Which ever it was - did great job!

Isn't this beautiful? I wanted to take an up close photo of the detail. As you can tell some of it was embroidered. Next is a photo of the complete quilt.

This was one of my favorite quilts at the show. They gave each of us an little piece of paper and we were to choose our favorites -for People's Choice Quilt. My husband let me use his paper - since this was my second favorite quilt.

This is the quilt that I voted for with my own entry paper!

You have probably already guessed by now that I love hearts!And I love these Sunbonnet Sues as well. And the combination of the two - made it a winner in my eyes!!

Stay tuned for the "Celebrating Texas" installment #3. :O)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quilt Show~part 1 "Bed Turning"

Have you ever heard of a "Bed Turning"? I had not till this week-end. My husband and I have been quilting for like 8-9 years and we had never been to a Quilt Show. Well I heard that the Quilter's Guild of Parker County was having a Quilt Show called "Celebrating Texas" and I wanted to go. It's a bit of a drive from where we live but it was a pretty nice day for a drive.

At the Quilt Show they had a "Bed Turning" which is where they pile up old quilts that are too delicate or heavy to hang and they show each quilt telling about it. It is a good thing that I have a book that tells me some basics because that way I will be able to tell you a bit about each quilt.

"Double Ax Head or Apple Core" This quilt was made in the mid to late 1960's using scraps and old clothing.

"When the Days Work is Done, Bring in the Flowers" This one is said to be have been quilted prior to the 1960's.

"Flower Garden"

"Antique Yo Yo" This was rescued from a garage sale - the lady that owns it based it to a sheet to make it easier to move it around without damaging it.

"Depression- Era Floral Kit Quilt"

"This is a perfect example of the quilts that were made from kits that women in the 30's and 40's (and beyond) received through mail order. The appliques were printed on the colored fabric ready to be cut out and appliqued."

I wish I could have gotten a better photo of this quilt- it was beautiful! I would love to make something like it!
"1920's Red Carnation"

This was another one of the kit quilts - It was beautiful as well.

This quilt had a sheet over it and when the sheet was pulled away - you should have heard all of the oohs and aah's. This photo does not do it justice.

"Beaded Crazy Quilt - Velvet"

"This quilt was created by Mrs. J.T. Hunter from Weatherford Texas. It was purchased from an estate sale. It is extensively beaded with glass beads and had beaded fringe on 3 sides."

"Crazy Quilt"

"Double T"
"Bought in Littlerock, Ark. Appraised at the Fort Worth Quilt Show. Made between 1860- 1870. "

Since this post is already photo heavy - I decided to post about this adventure in two different posts. So stay tuned for some more photos of some great quilts! :O)

A Great Find and Memories

Later today I will be posting the first of a 3 part series on our visit to a Quilt Show- our very first one!

But first, I wanted to tell you about a great thing that I found at the Goodwill on Friday. I found this awesome sewing machine cabinet! It is about 36 inches wide. Wider than our other cabinets. Oh please excuse the dust. I had not dusted before I took the photo! I was so excited to have it in my sewing room that I just clicked the photo.

This in the inside of one of the drawers. I love the details and organizational extras!
And for only $20.00 - I thought it was an awesome deal!!


When I was a little girl -I remember going to Gibson's with my parents. When we were driving to the Quilt Show - we drove by one. I had to get a photo of it. Brought back memories. And as you know - I like to get photos of the country court houses. Well we drove by one and I was lucky enough to be able to get a decent photo of it with my phone. Stay tuned - there will be a 3 part series coming up- just way too many photos for just one post. :o)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eight Health Laws

I really feel better when I follow the Eight Health Laws:

1. Eat a healthy diet of nutritious food. Try to get plenty of fruits and veggies and eat at least some raw fruits and veggies each day. (I like to say that I eat a plant based diet)

2. Exercise adequately - at least 30 minutes - 1 hour everyday -if you can not exercise this much at one time split it up into 3 sections of time of 10 minutes at a time. Something IS better than nothing.

3. Rest properly. (7-8 hours of sleep is ideal) (Trying to get to bed by 10:00pm)

4. Try to get at least a little sunshine each day - when the sun is out.

5. Drink at least 8 glasses - or more of water each day.. sodas and coffee are actually a diuretic - which means they can not be included in the 8 glasses.

6. Get plenty of fresh air every day.

7. Live a balanced life

8. Trust in God. Good Spiritual health really does contribute to good physical health.

When I follow these guidelines, I feel better, I am happier and I have a better outlook on life. So even though my carnal self - keeps fighting against doing the things that keep me healthier - I am choosing to claim these verses below:

"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit in you, whom you have of God? And you are not your own,
20 for you are bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Corinthians 6:19 - 20

My body is the temple of God and my desire is to glorify God. And the way that I can do so -is to follow the 8 principles above.

So now my part is to continue to ask God lead me and to give me the strength to make the right choices. And when I fail - not to give up but to get up and try again.

Sabbath Praise

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Treasure Chest of Healthy Information

This time last year, I went through a seminar that really changed my life. The last several months, of my husband having a lot of medical problems and even though he has had ALOT of test run - we still do not know what is wrong, has caused me to deviate from what I know is the best lifestyle for me. So I have decided to rerun a lot of the post that I did - when I first learned a lot of cool stuff. I will be rereading them as well. I hope that they will not only inspire me - but that they will inspire you to make good, healthy choices for your life as well.

This week I signed up for a seminar. It cost some money and that made it a little harder to decide to do it but I decided that it was important enough to do it. Well while at the seminar today - the Dr. shared that the main reason why he charged money was to eliminate those that were not really interested.

I was lucky and a friend (actually the one that told me about this seminar) signed up as well and so we have been carpooling up there together. It is nice because we are able to visit and talk about what we are learning.

Well last night we went for our first meeting. Well we were given the chance to see a movie - before it has even been released. "Forks over Knifes" It was a very informative movie/documentary. It is really amazing what our diets can do for our over all health. If you get a chance to see this movie - I highly recommend it!

There was a graph shown of "What determines How Long We Will Live?" Here is how it is broke down:

Social Circumstances 15%
Environmental Exposure 5%
Health Services 10%
Genetics 30%
Behavior 40%

If you will notice that yes - your genes do contribute to some negative aspect of what your health maybe - BUT your Behavior - What you eat, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercise, etc...This is actually more important! This should give anyone hope!! And it is never too late to reverse damage done.

For any of you that have diabetes.. there was a fantastic graph shown. It showed 5 meds given to Diabetics. And it showed how many years that people took the meds and it showed if the meds helped the people. And it was very obvious that for the first year maybe 2-3 years the meds would help but that after they did not seem to work as well. When the Dr. was talking about this - I thought - How awesome is that! The meds will work for a few years giving the patient the chance to make the changes in their diet and the rest of their life style?! That is really neat. You can really make changes that can assist your body into healing itself and therefore, you being able to lower your meds or even stop them. Of course, you need to make the changes and get healthy before just stopping your meds. Be sure and discuss those type changes with your Dr.

Here is something that I am sure there are many industries out there that do NOT want this information to be spread around, but I have to share - It might save someones life?!

Animal protein turns "on" the cancer cells.

And colored fruits and vegetables help with this. They help the body to produce an enzyme that helps pull carcinogens out of the body. Isn't that cool?

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Genesis 1:29

"Grains, fruit, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator."

"These foods, prepared in as simple and natural a manner as possible, are the most healthful and nourishing."

"They impart a strength, a power of endurance, and a vigor of intellect that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulation diet."

Ok - I am thinking for now - you probably have more than enough information to try to digest.
I will probably be doing more post about this. But for now - if you are interested in finding more information for yourselves - I would suggest the following books:

"Change or Die" by Alan Deutschman
"The China Study"
(The Dr. said this is a very important book to read before you die)
Books by Dr. Neal Barnard or John Mcdougall - They are great resources
"The Full Plate Diet" we were all given a copy of this book. And it looks like you can actually access this book online.

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
- Thomas A Edison

Here is a website that has some great quotes about food.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Progress in my Sewing Room

Well as you all know, we have been slowly working in my sewing room to make it more organized and also a space that works and looks better. Well in our house we have closets that have the two wooden slates of wood that are connected with hinges and so when you open the closet door the slid into the shape of a V the open part of the V towards the inside of the closet. Well we had taken the doors off of the closet in that room a while back - just trying to make more room for all the stuff in the room. Well about a week ago - I had asked my husband to hang a rod above the closet so that I could hang my project hangers on it. He had bought a pretty rod that he had found at the Goodwill - anyway I am thinking that I told ya'll about that already. Anyway it was a great idea and looked great and for only the price of the hangers - to hang the rod from we were able to get that project out of the way.

Well I had decided that I wanted to hang a rod across the actual closet and hang a sheet on it, in order to make the room look better. The clutter in the closet took away from looking at my projects that hung on the rod that was right above the closet. So today I stopped by a favorite thrift store and found a queen sized white flat sheet for $2.00! And then I went by Home Depot and bought a shower rod. I probably could have found one at Goodwill or a thrift store but I was anxious to get this project done. Well I will have to do a bit of work on the sheet- open up the sides of the top portion of the sheet and then sew a seam across the top to make the sheet have the ruffled look of a curtain at the top. I am hoping to be able to get that done tomorrow.

Once I get the project done - I will try to get a photo of it to share. The room is far from perfect. We really need to clean out our garage and then take some boxes from my sewing room out to the garage - but with my husband's health and our record breaking summer - we have not been able to get that stuff done.

Anyway I am excited to be getting some of these things done. :O)

Checking In

Well I really don't have a lot to share today. We have been blessed with our lows getting into the upper 60's and so in the mornings - I am able to open up the window but by late afternoon we are usually shutting down the house and turning the AC on. I am thankful for at least part of the day - of not having to use the AC. I look forward to when it cools off a bit more. We are still hitting the 90's or at least the upper 80's most days.

On Monday my husband had a HIDA scan done - to test the function of his gallbladder. We are still trying to find out what is causing the major pressure to his chest. We have not gotten the results back yet but hope to find something out this week - if not by next week. If this is not the cause I really don't know what the next step will be. He has had SO many test ran this year so far. I am so thankful that they have because they did find something that could have been very serious if left untreated. I will be writing post on it soon. I think it is something that needs public awareness. You will understand once you read about it.

I hope everyone is having a good week. :o)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes "Forwards" Are Worth A Read

The story is told of an old man who lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson.

Each morning, Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading from his old worn-out Bible. His grandson who wanted to be just like him tried to imitate him in any way he could..

One day the grandson asked, 'Papa, I try to read the Bible just like you but I don't understand it, and what I do understand I forget as soon as I close the book.
What good does reading the Bible do?'
The Grandfather quietly turned from putting coal in the stove and said, 'Take this old wicker coal basket down to the river and bring back a basket of water.'

The boy did as he was told, even though all the water leaked out before he could get back to the house.
The grandfather laughed and said, 'You will
have to move a little faster next time,' and sent him back to the river with the basket to try again.
This time the boy ran faster, but again the old wicker
basket was empty before he returned home.
Out of breath, he told his grandfather that it was 'impossible to carry water in a basket,' and he went
to get a bucket instead.
The old man said, 'I don't want a bucket of water;
I want a basket of water. You can do this.
You're just not trying hard enough,'
and he went out the door to watch the boy try again.

At this point, the boy knew it was impossible, but he wanted to show his grandfather that even if he ran as fast as he could, the water would leak out before he got far at all.
The boy scooped the water and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty.
Out of breath, he said, 'See Papa, it's useless!'

'So you think it is useless?' the old man said.
'Look at the basket.'

The boy looked at the basket and for the first time he realized that the basket looked different.
Instead of a dirty old wicker coal basket, it was clean.

'Son, that's what happens when you read the Bible.
You might not understand or remember everything,
but when you read it, it will change you
from the inside out.'

Moral of the wicker basket story:
Take time to read a portion of God's word each day;
it will affect you for good even if you don't retain a word.

(This was in an e-mail that I got this week - I loved the message and wanted to share it with you all :o)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sabbath Praise

If life's trials are weighing you down..take a few minutes to listen to this reminder: Burden's ARE lifted at Calvary! :o)

We Finally Got RAIN!!

I am praising God today!! Yesterday evening we actually got some rain. And not just a piddly amount, we got a good steady rain. And then wouldn't you know it at 8:10pm on my way home it was pouring down rain. One of the roads that I had to drive on has been under construction and there are no stripes either yellows in the middle or white lines on the outer portion of the lanes. All that is on the blacktop are some yellow knobbies ever so often down the middle of the road. And let me tell you- when it is raining really hard and it is dark outside and there is on coming traffic - those white lines are a life saver. I just had to take it easy and drive a lot slower than usual. I was so thankful for the rain - and more thankful for it once I got home.
And wouldn't you know it - my youngest son is out on a camp out with a group of kids from our church this week end. Hasn't rained in a SUPER long time and then I think it started raining shortly after they got to their camp out location.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Brilliant Idea....At Least I Thought So

Today I have - what I think is a brilliant idea! Half of the time, when I go to a public restroom- there is no hook to hang my purse on. And I do NOT like to put my purse on the ground. And my purse is pretty wide so even if there is a toilet paper holder - half the time if I put my purse on it - it will tip over and fall.

I don't know why it took me so long to finally this out - but here is what I do when there is no hook:

Isn't that a great idea? I am sure a lot of you - if not all of you have figured this out already. But just in case you have not- I thought I would share.

I hope you all have an excellent week-end! :O)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Deal or Not?

Isn't this a cute little patio set? I have seen some in some bloggers photos - So I thought I would post and ask this question - they were asking $99.00 for the 4 pieces - is that a good deal or not?

Monday, September 12, 2011

My New Design Wall

About a week ago - I was fixing to start working on making this quilt - well the quilt that I am going to make with these blocks. Because of the way in which I decided to put this quilt together, I am going to need to arrange the blocks and then work with the ones that will get certain color frames - while the other half will get a different color frame. It is suppose to cause there to be a ribbon going through the quilt effect. Since I am visual - I decided that I needed a Design Wall. Well I told my husband basically what I wanted. He began to think through what needed to be done. In the meantime, I worked on deciding where the things that had been on this wall would find their new homes. So this week-end we got those things moved around. Today after work - I went to Hobby Lobby along with my coupon to find some felt for my design wall and some adhesive spray. And my husband went to Home Depot to get the rest of the supplies. And we were able to get it done tonight!

Well I do want to eventually put putty over the screws and then paint the wood with a clear coat of varnish. After the fact - after it was too late did I notice that the bottom right side of the board - I did not do the best job at getting the felt straight. Oh well. I have my Design Wall and it will serve its purpose just fine! I am really loving my sewing room. We have a few things we will be working on later this week to make it an even better place to work. Until next time - Have a great day!! :O)

P.S. By the way - this is not how I am going to arrange the blocks - we just put them up so you could have an idea of how I will benefit from this great design wall!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It is Starting to Look Like Fall- At Least it is in My House!!

On Friday I found a great new Fall table cloth at Walmart. It is really pretty. I am so glad that stores are coming out with cloth table cloths again. They are so nice and they can change the way a room looks. Isn't it pretty? This photo is not the best in color - but it does give you an idea of what it looks like.

My son got my "Fall" box down from the Attic today. I was excited to go through it. I had forgotten some of the things that I had in it. I had placed the place mats that I made a couple of years ago for us. Do you remember them?

I have to be honest the last year or two I have not really gotten this stuff out and decorated. This year I was so ready to get the stuff out and change things out. I have a table runner that runs along the top of my computer desk - like above the computer screen. Well I really need to find a fall colored one. I changed out my decorations - and the pink and blue hearts - don't really go with all of the Fall things.

Today I also did something that I have not done in a LONG time. I made cinnamon rolls!

Yum-Yum!! I have not done a lot of baking. That is one of the negatives of living in Texas. It has been hot. And when you are using an awful lot of electricity -you try not to heat up the house by baking a lot of stuff. My family will be so thrilled when I start cooking more and baking more. One of the reasons I made these today - was that my husband's partner at work requested them. So when my husband asked - I could not refuse I am so glad that he told me before I went to the store - cause I was able to pickup these great pans that are perfect for C-rolls!!

Well I hope that you all have had a great week-end. Mine has been very nice. :o)

9/11 We Will Never Forget

I was talking with my Mother-in-law in front of a TV when we saw the very first scene in this video. And as I just watched - I had that same feeling that I had 10 years ago.

Let's take a few minutes today to remember those killed. And maybe take time to say thank you to the First Responders and Military for all that that do for us.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lesson's From God Through Nature

After months and months of triple digit temperatures- the heatwave has broke!! Monday morning when I went out to let our chickens out and feed them scraps- I was pleasantly greeted by 67 degree weather along with a nice breeze! It was heavenly! Our grass is dead as can be. And I am so sad to report that my favorite tree - the one that holds several of my bird feeders ...died. You should see the brown leaves. I had hoped that the leaves changing colors was just like the change that comes around at fall but when I looked around at other Oak trees - I noticed that they looked just fine - well still some what green. So I have had to accept that it is dead. Had I known that it would die - I would have been out there watering it along with the chickens. Maybe a miracle can happen and it can recover..but I am not holding my breath.

This past week-end - we had the wonderful temperatures but it was quite breezing and apparently the weather was perfect for fire dangers. You would not believe the number of fires in Texas. On Facebook there is a page called "Texas Storm Chasers" and they usually cover the weather and fires and such. It got so busy that they could not stay on top of it all and just asked the public to post of fires. And let me tell you - there were a lot of them sharing. Along with photos. We have been lucky - none are in the area that I live. But ever so often I smell fire and I can imagine some of the fears that those people are dealing with. What is even sadder is that there have been people killed - I don't have a number for sure at this point I know for sure of people. And over 1,000 homes have been lost. If you would please pray for rain. And also there are areas that are getting flooding- pray that the rain lets up in those areas - we would gladly accept it.

Yesterday when I went out to get my chickens fresh water - I was thrilled to find this:
Right next to the water spigot is my flower bed. And I just happened to notice this "beautiful" flower. Why the ".." because it is not a perfect rose by any means but it has gone through so much this summer and it fought so hard to bloom and to show the beauty of it's creator! It hit me in a very personal way. Things that happen to us - can make us better 0r bitter. For this rose - it chose better. I, through God's power, choose better as well. :O)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sabbath Praise

I am thinking that I have shared this song before -but it is a beautiful song. I hope you all have a great week-end! :o)

Friday, September 2, 2011


When I saw this forecast - I just had to share! Do you see what I see? The lows in the 60's. That will be like heaven. And the forecast is working out so nicely since I had decided to start walking again this coming week. I have been walking off and on but with the temperatures being so hot - I just have not gotten out much. But these temps look like it will be a joy to get out and walk.

Today was our day to sign up for the new year of Block of the Month. Our choices were Red, Black and White:
Or Floral -which will include Yellow, Green, Light, and Dark Blue fabrics:

The floral is based on this fabric below:

I signed up for both. I just could not help myself. I think it will be a great year.

Well I hope you all have a great week-end! Mine - looks to be warm. But there is hope, that not too much longer of this triple digit weather. :o)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I Have Been Reading

I have been reading a book that I bought recently. It has been a real blessing to me and so I wanted to share it with you all. It is "Pressing in to HIS PRESENCE- Developing an Intimate Relationship With Christ Through Prayer" by Shelley Quinn.

"Do you long for a sense of God's presence and power when you pray? Do you find it too easy to neglect time in prayer w hen the cares of the world press you down? Pressing in to His Presence shares scripturally inspired ideas that will lead you into a richer and more effective prayer life. Based on her own experience, best-selling author Shelley Quinn shares how God restored her spiritual passion and redirected her life by guiding her into a unique prayer pattern- an approach to prayer that anyone can apply in his or her own life. This powerful teaching is drawn from Scripture and filled with life-changing stories of faith that have resulted from an intimate two-way communication with the Lord. Learn to "press in" to His presence and open your heart to the kind of relationship with God you have always desired."

Instead of me trying to explain what the book was about - I thought I would just share what was written on the back of the book. It is such a better summery of the book. I am half way done with this book and know that it will be a book that will be added to my library of books that will be reference in the future - if not re-read. :o)