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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lesson's From God Through Nature

After months and months of triple digit temperatures- the heatwave has broke!! Monday morning when I went out to let our chickens out and feed them scraps- I was pleasantly greeted by 67 degree weather along with a nice breeze! It was heavenly! Our grass is dead as can be. And I am so sad to report that my favorite tree - the one that holds several of my bird feeders ...died. You should see the brown leaves. I had hoped that the leaves changing colors was just like the change that comes around at fall but when I looked around at other Oak trees - I noticed that they looked just fine - well still some what green. So I have had to accept that it is dead. Had I known that it would die - I would have been out there watering it along with the chickens. Maybe a miracle can happen and it can recover..but I am not holding my breath.

This past week-end - we had the wonderful temperatures but it was quite breezing and apparently the weather was perfect for fire dangers. You would not believe the number of fires in Texas. On Facebook there is a page called "Texas Storm Chasers" and they usually cover the weather and fires and such. It got so busy that they could not stay on top of it all and just asked the public to post of fires. And let me tell you - there were a lot of them sharing. Along with photos. We have been lucky - none are in the area that I live. But ever so often I smell fire and I can imagine some of the fears that those people are dealing with. What is even sadder is that there have been people killed - I don't have a number for sure at this point I know for sure of people. And over 1,000 homes have been lost. If you would please pray for rain. And also there are areas that are getting flooding- pray that the rain lets up in those areas - we would gladly accept it.

Yesterday when I went out to get my chickens fresh water - I was thrilled to find this:
Right next to the water spigot is my flower bed. And I just happened to notice this "beautiful" flower. Why the ".." because it is not a perfect rose by any means but it has gone through so much this summer and it fought so hard to bloom and to show the beauty of it's creator! It hit me in a very personal way. Things that happen to us - can make us better 0r bitter. For this rose - it chose better. I, through God's power, choose better as well. :O)

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  1. Thank you so for sending the cooler temps our direction :)


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