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Saturday, September 17, 2011

We Finally Got RAIN!!

I am praising God today!! Yesterday evening we actually got some rain. And not just a piddly amount, we got a good steady rain. And then wouldn't you know it at 8:10pm on my way home it was pouring down rain. One of the roads that I had to drive on has been under construction and there are no stripes either yellows in the middle or white lines on the outer portion of the lanes. All that is on the blacktop are some yellow knobbies ever so often down the middle of the road. And let me tell you- when it is raining really hard and it is dark outside and there is on coming traffic - those white lines are a life saver. I just had to take it easy and drive a lot slower than usual. I was so thankful for the rain - and more thankful for it once I got home.
And wouldn't you know it - my youngest son is out on a camp out with a group of kids from our church this week end. Hasn't rained in a SUPER long time and then I think it started raining shortly after they got to their camp out location.

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