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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I Have Been Reading

I have been reading a book that I bought recently. It has been a real blessing to me and so I wanted to share it with you all. It is "Pressing in to HIS PRESENCE- Developing an Intimate Relationship With Christ Through Prayer" by Shelley Quinn.

"Do you long for a sense of God's presence and power when you pray? Do you find it too easy to neglect time in prayer w hen the cares of the world press you down? Pressing in to His Presence shares scripturally inspired ideas that will lead you into a richer and more effective prayer life. Based on her own experience, best-selling author Shelley Quinn shares how God restored her spiritual passion and redirected her life by guiding her into a unique prayer pattern- an approach to prayer that anyone can apply in his or her own life. This powerful teaching is drawn from Scripture and filled with life-changing stories of faith that have resulted from an intimate two-way communication with the Lord. Learn to "press in" to His presence and open your heart to the kind of relationship with God you have always desired."

Instead of me trying to explain what the book was about - I thought I would just share what was written on the back of the book. It is such a better summery of the book. I am half way done with this book and know that it will be a book that will be added to my library of books that will be reference in the future - if not re-read. :o)

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  1. Lisa--You are inspiring me! I picked up the same book at a thrift shop a while ago, but haven't started it yet. Guess I need to soon! :)


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