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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One Simple Trick

Today I want to share an important thing to remember when buying clothes used. It will seem very simple but many do not do this one simple trick.

I believe for a long while I missed out on some great items because I did not try stuff on. Mostly because of what size the time said it was. But one time I was shopping with my sister and she pulled out a pair of really cute jeans and said, "hey try these on. I think they will fit you." When I looked at the jeans, I noticed that they were a size smaller than what I wore. Well thankfully I listened to her and tried them on. They fit and I learned something important that year, I learned that a size in one brand may be called another size in another brand.  I also learned that over time some brands have actually changed how they size things. I know for sure that both Wal-mart and K-mart have done this. Because of these reasons it is important to keep an open mind and when looking for clothes- be sure and try them on- especially the things you really like. You may be surprised at what you find! I know I was! In my closet right now I have several different sizes of jeans and tops and that is ok - as long as the items fit me and I like them.

So remember - be sure and try things on. You may find favorite pieces just because you took the extra time to try stuff on. Also you will see how it fits you and that is a great thing. Not all things are made the same. And just because one things fits you good doe not mean that everything will.

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