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Friday, January 8, 2016

Organizing Mess

"I'm organizing," she said as his eyes surveyed the mess that encompassed several rooms.

This one sentence explains my week, well the part of the week that was left after Sweetpea had to go back to her momma.

My sewing room/playroom had become a mess! And I knew that it, plus other areas of my home, needed attention...and soon. So this week I made sure it was a priority! I am very happy with how much I got done. I still have quite a bit to do but I have made wonderful progress.

I have gone through things and I have thrown some things away and other things-I am finding just the right new home for them. I have quite a bit of stuff going out of the house. This is a very good thing. It means that the house looks nicer and it is easier to organize.

Do you see anything missing from this photo?

Well we also decided since it had been 9 1/2 years since I got my nice sewing machine and we have not had it serviced at all during that time - that it was time to have it done. My machine has been a wonderful machine. Well worth the money that we paid for it. The only problem that we have had is that the thread cutter stopped working about a year ago. And let me tell you - having a machine that cuts the thread saves you ALOT of thread. It has been sad how much thread is wasted while that feature has not worked.

Anyway it will take 7-10 days for it to get serviced. And probably about $100.00- maybe more. I will let you know once we get the machine back. For now - my space on my desk is bare. Which is a good thing - only because my sewing cabinet has too much stuff on it and I am going to be moving stuff off of my sewing cabinet and placing the stuff onto my desk and then find homes for the stuff that I do not want on my sewing cabinet. I will be happy when this job is done. It makes it a much more pleasant place to walk into when it is organized. This job will probably have to wait till Sunday or during the week - because I just don't have time before sundown to tackle such a big job.

Oh and I am excited about something - this months block of the month - actually has where is I change a white piece to a matching yellow piece- I can have a block with 4 hearts on it. I am planning on doing a post about this block for that very reason! So be watching for that. But I will not be able to put this block together till I get my machine back - unless I want to use one of our other less fancy machines. Anyway so be patient for that post.

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