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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bless or Curse...

Ok - so I had other ideas of what I was going to post today - but I can not get blogger to allow me to get my photos for my other blog posts so I will share with you a little something neat that I learned this week.

I am reading a new book. It is called "Saints and Sinners~ an insiders guide to bible people and their times" this is an awesome book and I highly recommend it. It has given me new things to think about. Today I will share this though/quote about Job's wife that I learned this week:

Sometimes Job's wife gets a bum rap because of her "Curse God, and die"(Job 2:9) statement but ~
"The original language actually says, "Bless God, and die." The Hebrew barak is ambiguous in this section of Job, sometimes standing for its usual meaning of "bless," other times implying "curse." Clearly, though, she is urging Job to tell God to take his life and get the cruel punishment over with."
Quote from the book "Saints and Sinners~an insiders guide to bible people and their times"

We often times forget that she too, had lost all of her children in one day - not to mention all the animals and servants. So much lost in such a little amount of time. Then on top of that now her husband was hurting. Who of us likes to see our husbands suffer? When our spouses suffer - we suffer. So we can understand just a bit of what she must have been going through.

The book went on to day that Job's response to her may have seemed a bit harsh - but it pointed out that Job saw that his wife was spiraling to discouragement and depression and he wanted to stop that from happening.

I have so enjoyed this book. It is really a great read. Helping me see how God uses willing people -We often times get fooled into thinking that we are not good enough to be used by God but if we are willing He can use us no matter what mistakes we make along the way.

Guess what? I just found where you can go read at least the first chapter of this book online if you are interested! Click HERE. I wish it shared more - because the 2nd chapter on "The Betrayers" talks about Judas and Peter and it makes some awesome points! Maybe I will do another post about the comparison. See you next time. Hopefully I can get the photos to upload soon so I can post these other posts that I would like to share with you all.

One post is about a test that you can do to help your chances of losing weight. See you soon. :O)

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