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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Holding out for Favorites

Over the years my sister and I have learned to hold out for favorites when it comes to buying clothes. By that I mean that when we are shopping we try hard not to buy something just because it will do. We want what we buy to be things that we love.

In years past we didn't do such a good job with holding out for things that we loved. Many times we would get things because they meant a certain criteria. One main criteria for tops that I buy are tops that are long enough. I don't like short tops. And so sometimes when I found tops that were long enough - I would get it even if they color or design was not something that really spoke to me. But as time goes by I/we are really doing better at waiting for pieces of clothing that we really like. For example we try to hold out for great colors, favorite designs and favorite styles. There are times- that we might slip and buy something that doesn't fall under favorite category, but it is much less often now.

I am hoping by using a book to record what I buy, that I can also record and keep track of how many of my purchases are actually favorites. I understand that something things that seem like they are going to be favorites- end up not hanging right or what ever-  but overall I hope that I see a trend to more and more holding true to myself and getting things I love.

Stay tuned because I have a little more to share about things we have learned about thrift store shopping.

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