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Thursday, January 28, 2016

They Just Don't Make 'em Like They Did

Well it seems as though this headache that I have been having was the beginning of a sickness. I am not quite sure what exactly - all I know is that my throat hurts on one side. I am having drainage and some coughing- and now my chest hurts - sore and feels heavy. I have an appointment to see my Dr tomorrow morning. I sure wish I could have got it set up for today- but it just did not work. I want to get well because my son gets his daughter this week end - and I want to be well. And I had hoped if I had gotten to the dr today and started meds - I could be better by tomorrow. Oh well. I am trying my Emergan C stuff and Vit D3 these are really suppose to help with your immune system. I just want to feel better. This headache for the past 6-7 days is getting old. And the chest hurting is no fun at all.


I have always loved Fisher Price- well the toys made long ago that is. I just had kind of forgotten about that love until about 2 months ago while I was at a favorite little thrift store - I found a bag that had the camper shell- with a couple of cars, an motorcycle, helicopter, and some accessories for the camper! It was only a dollar - if that. And when I got it home and started going through the bag and noticed all the cool things- that spark had began again in my heart. I looked on ebay to see a camper and to see what the truck that went with the camper looked like. The very next time that I was able to make it back to that thrift store(it is only open on Tuesday and Sundays) as I was looking in the toy section - guess what I found!?!? I found the truck that went with the camper I had bought! I was so excited - it was only 75 cent or a dollar! Well worth the money!!! At the same time I found a mini mart and bought it also- maybe a dollar for it!

So at this point I did not have any people - so I got on ebay and got a little set of six people. But once I found the camper - it was obvious to at least my granddaughter and myself that more people were needed so I found this cute little white with red trim car and it came with 4 people and a dog.
My very favorite fisher price toy when I was a girl was my garage! I love it! I still do. In fact, I have been keeping my eyes on many of them on ebay looking for just the right set to add to my collection. Oh I would have loved to have found one locally - that would have saved me a little money on shipping - and we have gone to 2 different antique malls in the area looking- and I have looked at the thrift stores in the area. But as I began to think of it- in all the years that we have gone to thrift stores and to antique malls - I have never seen a fisher price garage - older one that is. SO the likely hood of me finding one locally was/is slim. So like I have said I have looked and watched to see what prices that they garages went for. And I was surprised because it looked like you would have to pay at least $80.00 for one plus shipping, even for some rough looking ones. Even ones without any accessories at all.

Well today was my lucky day- my husband has worked quite a bit of over time lately- so we had a bit of extra money - plus I had a some of my Christmas money left over from my MIL. So today I found one- it came with 9 people and 8 cars and the lift - plus the garage looked like it was in very nice condition! And it was a buy it now deal. I looked it over very well. And then I called my husband and ran it past him. I don't like spending a lot of money without talking to him about it first. It's just the considerate thing to do. He knows how much I have wanted one and he knows that I have been looking and trying to make sure we get the best deal - but a good quality item as well. And so he said yes!!! I was so excited! Now it is going to be mailed here on the economy shipping rates- meaning it cost me less for shipping and will take 7- 14 days. It would have cost me more than double to get it here in 6-9 days. But I will be patient - I have been patient for this for a couple of months now- so I can wait another week or two. I can't wait for SweetPea to be able to play with it - She will love it!
Seriously I can't want to play with it! I know I love it!

 I will continue to keep my eyes open for other Fisher Price - vintage toys- I would like the Air Port and they have these little school buses and also the school house(never had one of these- but think my granddaughter would love it) so I am keeping my eyes open - if I find any treasures - I will certainly get on here and let you guys know.
Also when I get my garage - I will take photos and I will let you all know!!! I can't wait!!


  1. praying you feel better very soon, love you.

  2. Oh I am happy you found a garage! I loved mine when ai was a girl as well!n one way of thinking of it is if you take the garage plus the other toys that you have only paid a few dollars for,mand divide the price of all of them, it probably will work out to only having paid maybe five or ten dollars for each one of them. Nso since you got the others for so cheap, it is not bad to pay more for one you know you really want. 😊


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