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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Test You Can Take

I am making changes - and have been for a while - in order to head in the right direction. I have not lost any weight - but I hope that the changes that I have made have me headed in the right direction to be more healthy and to eventually lose some weight.

I learned something important this week and I wanted to share it with you all - just in case extra weight and not being able to lose it no matter what you try is something that you are dealing with.

We can do everything thing right in order to lose weight
and not lose weight
IF our Thyroid is not working properly.

 Did you get that?
If your Thyroid is not working properly -
even if you are doing every thing right -
 you will not be able to lose weight.
So you say that you have had your thyroid levels tested and you were told it is normal.
Well it seems that because we do not eat alot of seaweed - many people in the USA are deficient in the area of iodine (the site that I read about the iodine test that told us to use a 3 inch circle on our stomach's says about 90% are deficient.) Which when our blood tests are compared to hundreds and thousands of others- of course our levels will be in the normal range because we are all lacking in that area.
I learned a way to test yourself of your bodies need for iodine.
For this test you will need:
a  q-tip
your arm
and 24 hours
*A good time to do this test is in the morning after your shower
 or just in the morning if you shower at night. *
First of all pick a spot on your arm that will stay dry mostly.
Take the qtip and get some betadine on it and paint about a quarter sized spot on your arm.
Like so:

If you have a phone that takes photos- take a photo of it - and mark the time that you put it on your arm.
The betadine should stay on your arm for about a 24 hour period.
The faster that it is absorbed into your skin the more your body is in need of iodine.
Here is a photo of mine just about an hour or so after I applied mine.

And if I remember correctly that the betadine was totally gone within 4 hours or so.
If you are low on iodine- Kelp is a great source - you can get kelp pills. And you can take them. If you very deficient - you may want to take an concentrated iodine type supplement. I was told about some at a Nutrition store but forgot to get a photo of it. I thought if I was low I would go get me some.
The kelp is a lot cheaper than the concentrated iodine supplement - but the idea is that if you are really low in iodine - that you will take the concentrated form for a bit till your levels come up and then go to the kelp to maintain your thyroid.
So right now all I have is the kelp - so that is what I am taking. I may go back and get the more concentrated stuff - haven't decided. I thought I would try just the kelp for a week and then do the test again and see if maybe my body is doing good enough to just keep doing the kelp - if I still seem to be low - I will then get the more concentrated form of iodine.
I was told once your thyroid is working better- then your body will be more willing to release the weight. So I am hoping that my choices to be healthier along with my time on m treadmill and walking outside when possible - will result in a weight loss and I am hoping for a 20 pound weight loss. I am hoping that my December - if not before I will be able to get come on here and share the good news that I have been successful.
For now though - I am working on getting my body into better working order- while making better choices and exercising and working towards a more healthier me.

Ok - So I looked up this test on the internet and one of the places that I saw this test - said to paint a circle 3 inches in diameter on your stomach and then watch it. SO you may want to try that as well. I will be.

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