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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Really Look It Over

There is something else important that my sister and I have learned while thrift store shopping. And it is something we have learned from experience.

It is a very good idea to really look over each piece of clothing that you are thinking about buying. We have learned from experience that people donate clothes with stains, holes, and even clothes that they have altered that may not work for us.

And of course, it is a great idea to try things on. There have been many times that because we tried a piece of clothing on - we have noticed a stain or hole that we may have missed had we not tried it on. Also button - buttons and zip zippers. Sometimes clothes come with extra buttons - so if it is missing a button you may be able to replace it with one sewn into clothing elsewhere. And sometimes it would work to just replace all the buttons.

Having a bad zipper is a harder fix indeed - so be sure and make sure they work.

One more think to take notice of is the design on the top - check it out. I bought a cute top once that was really cute. It even had new tags on it! I though I had gotten a great deal. Once I got home - I noticed that on the back by one of the arms there was a distinctive flaw in the design. I was disappointed. That is why I say be sure and just really look each item over.

Many times thrift stores have policies that once you buy the item you can not return it so check those clothes out before you buy them. You will glad you did.

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