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Monday, January 11, 2016

Menopause Help

Today's post will be a bit of a public service post. Something that I had read about, but was a bit skeptical about until I had an experience that proved I to be true.

You stay cooler when sleeping on satin pillow cases. About 6-8 months ago- I bought 2 satin pillow cases. And we have been using them since then. Well on black Friday - I found a great set of sheets for our bed. They are a paisley print and I love them! Well with all my trying to get used to my new cpap mask- I have been changing between my pillow with the satin pillow case and to a softer pillow with the paisley pillow case. Well one night I ended up using the pillow with the paisley pillow case and even though the temperature in the house was the 68 degrees that we keep it at - I was hot. I had a rough night trying to get comfortable. As I lay there I remembered reading about how the satin pillow cases - but you know you can't believe everything you read. Many things claim amazing things - not all are true though. But now I am a believer in the satin pillow cases.

So if you are having issues with being hot at night - you may want to try a satin pillow case. I can't promise anything - because everyone is different - I just know it worked for me. Good luck. I you do try this out and find it to be true for you as well- please let me know. Thanks so much!

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