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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Wall

I have been what most would consider overweight most of my adult life. I think back to my first diet, I was probably about 16 years old. I remember being so proud when I fit into a size 12 or 14 pair of jeans. The loss was short lived because I didn't have the knowledge of how to maintain my weight.

Several more times as an adult I attempted to lose weight. When I read the book "The T Factor" book that talked about fat making a person fat- I have learned a lot of valuable information that I still utilize to this day.

Then there was the time six or seven years ago when I went to the seminar with Dr B. He taught the importance of a plant based diet and all the healthy benefits that go along side it. I worked hard and lost 50 pounds that year.

What do all of these attempts at weight loss have in common? ....
The fact that I could only keep up those "diets" a year. It seemed as though there was a wall that would magically appear out of no where at a year and off the diet wagon I would fall.

The weight gain wasn't sudden- it just seemed to creep on, slowly as to not get my attention. Then one day I'd realize that I needed bigger clothes.

This wall seemed to get the best of my every single time.

Sometimes when I know I was gonna have to increase my clothing size- I would make several attempts at losing weight, only to hit the wall- it was so challenging to lose weight and since that was my only motivation, I would give up when I didn't see any weight loss. It was all very discouraging.

This year when I approached the beginning of July, I felt a little anxious. That wall has won every time until now. Would it win again?

With God's help I choose to continue to work towards better health and weight loss. I am discovering it has to be about more than just weight loss, because no matter how much effort you put out- you don't always see a reward on the scales. Sometimes you exercise 6 out of 7 days and make fairly good choices and still don't see the scales move(had this experience more that I would like). It has to be about more than weight loss, if not the wall will win again.

I am so happy to report that not only am I still on track towards a healthier lifestyle, but I continue to learn things to help me along this journey.

There may be walls but we don't have to let them win!

I am facing another wall. It has been very powerful in the past at derailing, but I continue to learn of God and depend on Him to get me through. I will share about t as soon as I get a chance.

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  1. You are so very right about it needing to be about more than weight loss! I have had times of doing everything "right" and then the scales shows a pound or two or three of weight gain! But overall, the long term trend, the healthier choices are still helping me. It just does not always show up on the scale when we are looking for it to show up! I am praying for you!


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