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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sometimes it takes longer than 21 days...

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. And in many cases that may be true, but many times it takes longer than 21 days. Sometimes it may take up to a year to really get it to stick.

If you are working on forming a new habit- don't give up if on day 22 you fall back out of the habit you are trying to establish. Just get back up - dust yourself off and try again. The main thing is not to give up just because you have a relapse. These things happen, the secret is just don't give up. If you continue working towards healthier habits, you will one day be surprised to do those healthier things without even thinking about it and realize this is just what I do.

The longer I work towards better health - the more I enjoy the aspects of working towards my goals of better health. And how I miss out when I am not able to. Speaking of - Friday morning I had planned on trying to get a Rise Up workout with weights in before my granddaughter woke up. I had my iPad and my weights with me - all ready to go and what happened? My granddaughter woke up at 7am - before I could get my workout in. I was disappointed. But since Friday is a busy day for me - I just decided to just go with the flow - there will be plenty of time to workout with my weights. For now - I need to take advantage of the time with SweetPea.

So please remember - don't give up if it seems that you just can't seem to develop a new habit that you have really felt impressed to do. Just keep at it. One day it will be a new habit if you don't give up. Be persistent. :O)

***Oh - be on the look out for a great post that I have planned to write. It's about Patience Paying Off - 2 unexpected blessings. 

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