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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Dangers of Crutches

Crutches can be helpful, but sometimes using certain crutches can be injurious to our health. When people injure their feet or legs- they often have to use crutches in order to give their injury a chance to heal. In this case, crutches are a good thing. But crutches are not always good.

I have several different friends on Facebook who are very passionate about the newest weight lose product. I have written about it before, but wanted to revisit it just for a bit in order to share the danger I see in this kind of product. These friends have seen some weight loss and such by using said product. But there is a problem that I see- several in fact.

These products are expensive - costing a single person about $200. a month just for the product. How long can a person pay that kind of money for a product(that in all reality is not really needed?- maybe this is the reason for all the passion behind the product - if I can blow up how wonderful this product is - I can sell it and make the money needed to supply my own needs for it?)  Not to mention - the fact that many of these types of products have not been tested long term for safety. And to be honest - even when they are - how skewed are the results?

So when a person uses a product for weight loss, what happens many times? They lose the weight but then they are stuck - having to continue using the product - or stop taking product and more than likely gain the weight back and more. That kind of crutch is dangerous.

There is good news though. God has already provided us what we need for weight loss. It is the wonderful foods that He created for our food in the first place. Our Bibles are our best resource when it comes to how to take care of these bodies that He created for us! The nutrients that we need are in the foods He has created for us. And in their natural forms are the best for us.

Please don't get swept away with the passionate posts on Facebook that talk about how wonderful this product is or that product. They are only crutches- and we don't have to spend $200 a month on them. Take that money and buy wonderful fruits and veggies. Try new things- you might be surprised - you may like them now. Don't use things that are temporary - make lifestyle changes- that are permanent and will help you get the results you want- it may take longer - but it will be done in a way that is good for your body and you will gain health. Good luck in your endeavors to better health.

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  1. Amen! I so much appreciate your encouragement towards good health!


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