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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Official Check-in for the 50 by 50 Goal

I began July with the goal of maintaining my weight. With having my Granddaughter for the month, I knew that things would be more challenging for me. I know it would be harder for me to get exercise into my schedule and my eating habits would be disrupted. I would probably be eating a few different things than usual.

So I did the best I could. I took my ipad and weights to my son's house. Since I had to be there by 6:45am, I knew that if I was going to get a work out in - it would probably be in the time period before Sweetpea woke up. Some days this plan worked, some days it didn't. Some days she was awake when I got there. If she was already awake - I decided those mornings would be great mornings to go to the park. And we would walk around the small loop(1/3 mile at least once) and the big loop(1/2 miles) at least once. And by the time we walked to the play ground area - I figure I got at least a mile in each time we did- that maybe a bit more depending on what all we did. It isn't as much as I usually walk - but hey - the goal for this month was to get in as much exercise as I could - and enjoy spending time with my granddaughter. My goal was to do a weight work out at least 2 times each week - and the average ended up proving I was successful with that goal. One week I only got one in and the next I got 3 in.

I was doing very good the first two weeks. In fact, I was thinking hey - I am doing so well maybe, just maybe I can lose weight this month. Then the 3rd week got here and I ended up showing a couple of pounds increase in weight. ugh...not what I wanted. If I couldn't lose weight - I wanted to at least not gain weight. I was a bit discouraged since I had been doing pretty good on getting exercise in and choosing pretty good choices most of the time. I knew I had to just do the best I could do. There is no choice for giving up.

Sabbath morning- I ended up sleeping in the latest I had slept in the entire month and when I weighed I was so happy to discover that I had in fact lost weight!! Sunday morning I weighed again - getting my official weight for my notebook. And from the end of June to the end of July I have lost 1.4 pounds!! And that brings me to a grand total of 37 pounds!

Thirteen more pounds to go to reach my 50 by 50 goal. Because of my limited ability to get exercising in (and trust me - I did very well considering. When you are determined - you make a way!) I know that during the month of August I will take advantage of the ability to exercise and I see myself being able to lose at least a pound or two for the month!

Just a little pointer for those of you who are trying to lose weight(or gain it- can't even imagine what it would be like but I know of some people who have struggled at this also) keep track of your weight weekly. Find yourself a notebook or journal or something that you can record your weight in once a week. And be sure to write down your weight each week. This is very helpful! Over the last several months- I have lost about 1/2 - 1 pound a month -which when you don't write the amount down - you can actually get discouraged not realizing you are losing weight. When the weight lose is slow it is easy to think you are not losing any weight at all. But by writing it down each week - you can compare where you were last month and where you are now. It really does help! It has been a blessing to me. I will continue this habit the rest of my life. Even when I am maintaining - because this way I can have my book hold me accountable for my weight. No more gaining the weight back. Nope. Not an option. I will weigh in at last once a week and record my weight and keep track of it. That way I can keep it managed.

So there you have it- not only did I maintain for the month - as was my goal, but I was able to lose some weight! What an awesome surprise!! Be watching for the next 50 by 50 update- maybe the end of next month. :O)  

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  1. You did awesome! Good job! Even just maintaining with the different schedule would still be a hard job, but you even managed to continue your weight loss! I am proud of you!


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