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Friday, July 28, 2017

Make it Count

So sorry I have not had a chance to get quotes or special thought done up for me posts lately. It's challenging to get my self ready plus do everything I need to do before I leave the house at 6:45am. To be honest~ I'm gonna have to read Proverbs through again in August because I haven't been able to spend as much time on it as I'd like. I'd really like to get my commentary out and do a deeper study on each chapter, something I haven't had the time to do this month.

Also I'd like to ask for prayers for our sweet granddaughter and for our family. It will be very hard to see her go on Monday. Yesterday morning she told me of a wish she had made- she wants to live with her dad full time. I said oh like switch it around and see your mom like you see your dad ~ every other weekend. She said no- just see my mommy for my birthday... Kind of paused I'm guessing to see if there would be any other time she would want to see her mom but said nothing more. Of course, this broke my heart. I know that her mommy has always been closer to her dad and does not have a very good relationship with her mom. I want my granddaughter to be loved. To feel loved whether she is with her dad or with her mom, it's my prayer...especially now.

Yesterday morning as I sat outside with Sweetpea as she played in her little pool, I thought back to my own time with my grandparents- I wished that I had have gotten just a portion of time and attention from them that I try to give my granddaughter. Because I'm an intervert it is challenging spending 12 hours a day with a bubbly little girl~ but I try to remind myself that I have a limited amount of time to spend with her and I need to make it count.

Last night I was so very tired - spending over 2 hours out in the heat really drained me, plus I'm not getting as much sleep/rest as I need. As I was finishing up a show I had started the night before, I got emotional and began to cry- just a few more days and she has to go back to her mom. It's gonna be SO hard on all of us. So we really need prayers. Pray that God will work a miracle~ that Sweetpea will either get to be with her dad more or that her momma be able to love her and develope a relationship with her- maybe both miracles would be great!! I would sure appreciate prayers.

The good thing is that I have a good amount of things already planned in August to keep me busy. So that's good. As I sat in the back yard yesterday I looked around the yard at all the things I'd like to get done- with those on my list along with inside chore to do. I have an appointment or two, my husband has an appointment. And I have a couple appointments to take my MIL to during the month.  

Well since Sweetpea is still asleep I am going to close and see if I can catch up on reading a blog post or two- she could be up any time so there's no telling what I can get done.

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  1. I am so sorry for your granddaughter! I will pray for her! Jesus has a special part of His heart for His little ones! I will be praying for you as well. I wonder, is she old enough to be able to contact you when she is with her mom? Maybe type you a text or email or phone call? That might help her with feeling loved since she knows her Grandma loves her! If her mom would agree with her contacting you, anyway. . .


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