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Monday, July 10, 2017

Could it be that easy?

Here in Texas it has gotten quite warm. I love living in Texas, but I have to admit summer is my least favorite season. Thankful that we have the our granddaughter because it helps distract me from the heat a bit. Except that I sure wished that we got her for a month, during a cooler month. I think of all the awesome things we could do. The time we could spend at the park and all.

Our Air conditioning has not be cooling our house evenly for a while. There seems to be cooler places and warmer places, thankfully the master bedroom is cool place in the house. We have decided that when it gets cooler we are gonna see if we need to have our duct work redone.

Our main bathroom has been quite warm. In fact, this weekend I was in there and thought that the duct must have gotten unhooked from ac because it felt quite warm when I reached my hand up to see if I could feel air coming in. Since with the humidity option felt like 100 outside our son suggested that we take the vent off and see if we could tell what the problem was from there. Come to find out the duct some how got smashed and thankfully my husband was able to get it opened up without having to go into the attic. You could tell the difference instantly.

We decided that it would be a good idea to check the other vents, especially in the rooms that were not as cool. It was amazing the difference that was felt at the moment the vents were taken down. It seems the older vent covers had a lot more metal pieces in it that seemed to block the airflow out of the vents.  We decided to change out all the air vents. It has made a good bit of difference, for which we are grateful!!

When the high demand for A/C usage goes down and we get to my favorite kind of weather, you know the kind that I can regulate the temperature in the house by opening windows and closing Windows?! That's when we will have the A/C guy come out and check our duct work. We also plan to work towards tryouts not to get more insulation in the attic.

Anyway the vents cost about 8.00 for the smaller ones and 11.00 for the 2 larger ones we needed. So fairly inexpensive when you realize the difference that it made!! Thankful for this easy fix to help our house be more comfortable. If your house is having a hard time staying cool during this hot summer, you may want to check your vents and see if it could be a solution for you.

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