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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Patience Paying Off - 2 unexpected blessings

So a several weeks ago, I was shopping at a favorite thrift store. I came across a cute little black summer dress with white designs on it. I really liked it but I was quite sure if I should pay the 5.50 since I still plan to lose at least 15 pounds. Anyway so I passed it up. Then the next week, I went to the same store and the dress was marked down to 50% off. Well I just didn't feel right getting it, so I didn't.

The next Monday - I began to think about the dress. I thought about the fact that this week - that dress should be 75% off - making it 1.38!! Since the store is about a 20 minute drive  - and in a town that I would be going to the next day for an appointment - I asked my sister, who lives in that town, if by any chance she would be going to that store and if so if the dress was still there to get it for me. Well lots of things came up in her schedule and by the time she got around to going to the store at about 2pm - I was sure that even if the dress had been there that morning that it would be gone by the time she got there- BUT I was lucky! The dress what still there. And I have kind of figured out why - the dress was originally a 3/4 sleeved dress - that someone make into a sleeveless top. And being hot natured like I am - the sleeveless works much better for me than the 3/4 sleeved dress would have. Plus it is a light weight fabric - so really the sleeveless was the way to go. Plus I didn't have to do the work to alter it! :)
I bummed this photo, of how the dress originally looked, from Ebay - they have one for sale now -- in a smaller size than I wear.

Second unexpected blessings- about a week or so after I got the black and white dress another amazing thing happened.  For several weeks I had noticed a great maxi dress at my local favorite thrift store. She usually only charges $3.00 for dresses - but because of the spaghetti straps I really hadn't thought I should get the dress. I don't have a strapless bra and I just didn't know if it would be a wise purchase to get this dress and then have to buy a strapless bra. Anyway so I passed it up several weeks in a row. Then one Sunday when I got to the thrift store - I noticed a sign on the door, it said, "All clothing $1.00 a piece" Wow! I was excited. I thought - I am going to go check out the clothes and see what I can find. My sister has found the cutest jean jacket at this store and I found my white jean jacket with the paisley pattern in black threading there. So I knew I wanted to see if there were any treasures I could find. And as I looked at the dress rack - there was the beautiful maxi dress I had been eyeing. Oh!! I knew I had to buy it! For $1.00 it was worth it to me - to have to purchase a strapless bra- plus I had already had to pass up some cute summer tops because of not having a strapless bra - so I bought it and I love it! I can not wait to get a chance to go get myself a new bra so I can wear this dress. Oh - I will need to hem it - but that is the case with any maxi dress I buy. I can't believe how tall these manufactures think we women are!....

Here is a listing for an XS one that ebay has right now. I certainly can not and will never be able to wear an XS and honestly - I have not desire to be that small - it would be an unrealistic goal for me. But this way you can see the dress. Once I get a bra and can were it I will try to get a photo of me wearing it to share with you all.

This dress has made me want to find a couple more summer dresses - I want to find some that have pockets- why don't dress makers realize that people like to have their phone with them- or their keys. Pockets are great! Hopefully I can find some dresses with pockets!!

So 2 dresses- I was able to get them as super great prices because I was patient. You can't beat a $1.00 dress! And especially one I love so much. The fabric is awesome! Can't wait to wear it and get some photos.

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