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Friday, July 7, 2017

Excitement at 5AM!

well actually it was 5:30AM when my husband and I walked into the kitchen. Usually we both do our little jobs to help him get out the door and off to work, but something was different Thursday morning. I heard a notice. We had a thunderstorm roll through during the night. I thought what I was hearing was a really heavy down pour, but it wasn't. Soon I realized the notice was coming from outer garage. So I opened the back door and leaned out. I turned on the light to try to figure out what was going on.

Apparently a hose to the washer had busted and water was shooting everywhere!!! My husband tried to use a nearby piece of wood for a shield to get close enough to turn the water off, poor thing got soaked. We ended up having to turn off the water at the meter, that's at the back of the yard. Water was everywhere!

I know I had really wanted to clean up around the washer and dryer, but i could have done with out the maybe hours of water spewing around our garage, for who knows how long.... Since it rained over night we can't tell how extensive the water from our garage went. All we know is a large chunk know of our garage was flooded.

Thankfully my son was able to get the water turned off at the hose so we had water to the house again. Because so much time was spent trying to deal with this unexpected excitement, I wasn't able to get my shower and ready for the day before going to my other sons house to wait while Our sweet granddaughter slept. Luckily, I took my iPad with me and was able to get a Rise Up workout in. This has been a goal of mine this month, to continue to work towards better fitness. Well actually the goal is to retain the fitness I have gained so far. I'm working at not losing the improvements that I have achieved so far. Remember the post I did last week( I believe) that said how quickly we can lose our fitness when we neglect to spend time working towards it. It's not automatic. If we want to be in better physical shape- we have to work towards that goal. More time moving, less time sitting. And a lovely reward of working towards fitness and moving more, is that we will enjoy our shorter time spent sitting...much more than we did before!

So for those of you with wash machines, when was the last time you changed those hoses? If nothing else my excitement this morning might be a god d reason for you to look at your hoses and see what shape they are in. They really ought to be changed ever so often. It could save you from this not so fun excitement.

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