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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A new secret tool to finding deals....

I have been looking forward to sharing a money saving tip with you all but needed to have time to get to my computer to add links to the post.
Sunday my husband and I stopped by Walmart to pick up a few needed items. I decided to have a quick look around the clothing department. Now that I am smaller- I realize I have more of a chance of finding some good deals on the clearance racks so I try to check them out ever so often.
As I was walking around I noticed a rack that had cute denim dresses. Well of course I had to go look at them! They were 13.97 or there about. They did not have the size I would want. I did hold one of the next size down up to me to see the length and was happy with the fact that it looked like it would come down an inch or two below my knees- I prefer my dresses to come down past the knee.
photo from Walmart website
I don't know why for sure, but later that day I decided to look the dresses up on-line. And boy was I surprised when I saw the prices~ $6.00-$7.50 is what they said they would be on clearance!! Almost a 50% off savings!! Now what is awesome about that is the fact that when I go to a consignment store nearby(the one I take some clothes to ever so often to sell) many times for dresses - I have to pay $7.99 or up. So the $7.50 for this dress is a great deal. I ordered it and will be able to pick it up from my store in a couple of days. I am so hoping that it works for me!! It will be a great piece of clothing.

I am looking for a jean jacket - so when the weather got cooler - I could continue to where this great dress if I added the jean jacket!!!
The next day I ended up having to stop by another Walmart to get a birthday present for a party that our granddaughter has been invited to. And I checked to see if they had the dresses and if they had been marked down there- they hadn't. It is a deal you only find on-line.
So if you are looking to buy things from Walmart, be sure to look it up on line - It will be well worth waiting a few days if you, too, can get the item for 50% off!! I am kind of cheap and not used to spending $15.00 for a dress- so I sure was happy to find this one for such a great deal!!

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