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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One of God's Blessings

Well we are having our septics pumped this am - so I have been up since super early this morning. It was so nice and cool outside that I opened up all of our windows. Hoping that we can keep them open till late this afternoon or evening. I think the high today will be about 89 degrees. And our house does not have a good enough breezeway in order to really stay cool with it being that warm outside. I have been so grateful for the cooler weather and the ability to open up the house and enjoy fresh air.

One of the benefits to waking up at the crack of dawn is to catch the sunrise. I had just gotten out of the shower and could see beautiful pink colors coming in the small window on our front door. So I had to get my camera:

This last one I changed the angle a bit. Sorry about the wires there - I know it would be a really awesome photo if I did not have those there but this will have to do. What a beautiful sunrise! Just one of the many blessings that God blesses us with!!


  1. So beautiful! Sunrises/sunsets are so wonderful--like special paintings from God every single day! :)

  2. Very lovely! Thank you for sharing! And it is even more neat that I can imagine right where you took this picture! :)


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