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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ranked 2nd, For Now

Well I just wanted to touch base this morning. It has been Hot, Hot and Dry. Yesterday there was a fire in a nearby town - this was got a bit too close for comfort. One of my friends lived in the area that the fire was and I was worried about her. Praise the Lord - it got within a half mile or a bit closer but did not get her place. And another miracle - the firefighters were able to get it contained and put out. In these dry conditions - that is a miracle. A house was lost, but if I heard correctly, it was vacant.

Last night I heard something on the weather forecast that did not surprise me one bit. This summer only ranks 2nd Hottests year in 113 years to the summer of 1980. And believe me with how hot it has been and it only being the middle of July - I will not be surprised this year takes over the number one spot. I am guessing I will be posting on that in the next month. But I guess I need to keep in mind that even though Texas weather is usually the hottest during the end of July and August - I need to keep in mind that a miracle can happen about our weather too.

The weather man said that the last time that we got rain in a trace amount even, was June 1st. We have cracks that are getting bigger and bigger. And I noticed a few places outside where some of the cracks are sinking. I will be praying for some rain. It will feel good to the earth as well as to my soul. And I will continue to praise the Lord for an AC and all His other blessings. You guys stay cool, as much as possible. :o)

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  1. Praying for you. I know how the heat can just wear a person down. I would get depressed from it--and those summers were not even as hot and dry as you have this year. Will join you in praying for rain!


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