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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Number 23

Friday was our Anniversary -23 years. My husband was so sweet. He went to a nearby Antique Mall and found some treasures to add to my Avon Collection. These first two photos don't do them justice- they have cute legs on these containers. I love them! Aren't they beautiful?!

This next one will be displayed by my log cabin bottle. Even though this is larger than the cabin. lol :O)

I am posting two photos of this next one so you can really see it. Isn't it sweet?

Yes - he gave them to me the night before our anniversary. He could not wait. I think these are a great addition to my collection. Oh there was one more but it does not photograph very good. It is a silver pear. When I try to take a photo - all you see if is a mirrored affect of what ever it is sitting on.

Well it was a good thing that our presents to each other were a hit(I bought him some fishing stuff). We were going to try to go to a new aquarium in our area - well it was over an hour drive there and when we got there we were told - Oh we are sorry we don't allow walk up visitors. Apparently you HAVE to buy your tickets on line. What a bummer. What makes it worse is that we had to drive through some big towns and traffic was not so fun. I got a cool photo to share with you all though.

I missed the best photo is what a plane much closer to use but did not get my phone out in time. This one was a few minutes later.

Before we headed to the Aquarium, we stopped by Cracker Barrel for lunch. I love that place. My husband bought me a jar of blackberry jam - with seeds - my favorite!!!
I love the landscaping of this place. I wish I had have taken a photo outside, when we were done. My husband and I only wished that this was located on a lake - like just beyond the landscaping and on the lake we would love a peer - so that when we were done eating my husband could go fish and I would love some shaded area nearby with tables so I could take a book and read and write. Now wouldn't that make a great place to go?! But for now I will just have to dream. :o)


  1. So sorry that they wouldn't let you go to the aquarium! I have never heard of such a thing--I have heard of cheaper tickets on-line, but not of them refusing people to buy them at the door! Glad you had a nice dinner out together anyway. I love your collection--it's fun to see them as you get each new piece. :) Kind of feels like I collect Avon bottles myself, now! (And I get to store my collection at your house, which is a good thing since I do not have a place to display pretties at the moment! Even my tea cups are all packed away--I need to get a hutch or something. . . )


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