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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Goals - past and future

So it's that time again- to be help accountable for what exercise I got in last week. And I am sad to have to report that I did not do as well as I had hoped. I did get two workouts with weights in. I also got one workout without weights in. I spent one day working in the yard - mowing, weed eating and weeding garden - so I count that as exercise. But I did not get any walks in. Camp meeting was the last few days of the week and that brought a little extra walking because of where I like to park- in a place that it is easy to get in and out of- and not get caught in a lot of traffic. So I got some exercise that way but not as much as I had hoped I would get. 

I figured out how to use my use flour mill.
Image result for nutrimill grain mill

(photo borrowed from Amazon- which is where I got my mill from) 

It only took me three I made a mess- cleaned it up and made another mess and cleaned it up and finally figured out how to get the bowl locked in so the flour went where it was suppose to

And I made up some delicious bread. My husband actually ate a piece of the bread - which is a major win for me. Usually he has not liked my bread because in the past it has been too heavy for him. His biggest complaint was that I had used ground up flaxseed in the bread and he said he would like it better without. Well any movement in the right direction is great!!! Seriously we have come a long ways if he is willing to eat some of my bread. I am planning on making some bread without the flaxseed and hope that he will like it and be willing to eat it ever so often.

This coming week promises to be pretty busy. I have a dentist appointment and a haircut. I also have an appointment with a consignment store that I have taken some of my clothes to- my appointment is to pick up clothes that have not sold and also to take a new load in. Money coming in has slowed down so it is certainly time to get another load turned in. It makes it easy since as I try stuff on - I find things that are too big. My Mother in law has an appointment that she wants me to take her to- so that is added to my to do list for the week.

So with all of this in mind- plus the fact that I need to get out and weed my garden- my goals for the week in the area of exercise will be light- I will certainly do more if I am able to. But my goal is to weed my garden(this in certainly exercise- so is picking the garden) working out with weights 2 times and I am hoping to get at least a walk or two in - if not a regular workout or two. Next week I don't have as much going on so I should be able to get back to getting a good amount of exercise.

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