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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Essential Oils...series Blends

Today I wanted to share some essential oils blends that are suppose to help with different problems.
These first three are blends that are to be used topically.
Fractionated Coconut oil is the most popular carrier oil. Be sure and get the fractionated kind though - the kind that is solid at room temperature will not work as a carrier oil.


The next couple are blends that you will take in a veggie capsule or by spoonful.
I am going to repeat what I heard - doTERRA and Young Living are the two companies that have pure oils that have been said to be safe enough to ingest. There maybe some of the others that are - and if you have more information for me about this - I would love for you to leave a message and help educate us. I have a hard time believing that these companies that use the pyramid scheme -(sorry to say it like that - I just mean when they keep their products where only certain people can sell them and then each person makes money off another person- well that makes me a little uncomfortable- because I feel like there is a lot of hype behind the products- just to make them sell and make the people towards the top - rich. You know if you make more money if everyone wants your product - then you are likely to say what ever needs to be said in order to make the sales. I know people that sell some of these things - and I know that they have good hearts- but it seems to me that in any of these companies - they use the crowds excitement in order to make the big bucks. I am not saying any of this to hurt anyone's feelings - I just wonder if other brands might be as helpful.
Like I said I usually use NOW brand - for my thieves oil blend and for lavender - I also have a boo boo blend that I have used and it seems to help.
Just use your best judgement. I just want you all to be safe.

Be sure and come back next week when I will share that sometimes a person needs to beware of using certain essential oils if they have some medical conditions.

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