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Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Best Deal and a Secret to Shopping

So I promised you all a "Best Deal" post today! I have been blessed to find some great deals so wanted to share them with you all.

So my sister and I have figured out a secret to shopping  - actually my sister learned and then taught me- to look for things off season. We have had a super hard time finding summer tops - and had learned last year to start looking for them ALL year long. Then we realized that we needed to start doing the same thing for fall/winter things as well.

So over the last week or so I have began to look not only for the summer stuff and short sleeved things that I love to wear most of the time, but I also began to look for things for fall/winter. And I have been blessed by two great pieces!!

This first one is a cape- it is one of those on size fits all things - so it works great now and will work great when I reach my goal in weight loss. I think it is so pretty. And for only $3.00 I say that is a great deal!!!

Today I went to the same little thrift store in a nearby town that is only open a couple of days a week - and found this awesome denim jacket!!!
Picture does not do it justice.
(Be watching for a post about denim later this week.)
I love denim. And this beautiful white denim jacket is just perfect! There is a chance that it might be too big once I lose the rest of the weight that I want to lose to reach my goal - but thankfully I have the ability to take it to the consignment store and get the $3.00 out of it that I paid for it- if not  maybe even more $. It was worth the $3.00! I love it and can not wait for weather that will give me the ability to wear it!!
Have you found any good deals lately? I would love to hear about them.
By the way - I have been getting slammed with what I believe to be spam comments. So I just wanted to say on here - if you  have commented lately and I have not responded - I am so sorry, it is because it is hard sometimes to know if the comments are legit or not. I really think they are spam though.

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  1. They are both beautiful! I really need to do this as well. Mi want to figure out what I need,mand make a list f items I am missing so I can keep an eye out for them either at thrift stores or on the clearance racks!


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