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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Preaching to the Choir and More

I love sharing about the important and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I also realize that many of you that read my blog are probably much healthier than I am. So sometimes I feel like I am preaching to the choir. But it is so very important for people to know the importance of taking care of the body that God has blessed us with. I also feel there is a lot of false information floating around or the newest craze in this area or that - that is actually not that good for us. So I hope that by sharing things that can truly benefit our health, that I am able to combat just a bit of the false information.

I wish Dr would study for themselves the natural things people can do for themselves that would help with different issues and then be willing to take the time to share the valuable information. It seems there are certain people who will only listen to what the Dr days and then when all that Dr is doing is prescribing pills- pills that, in fact, cause worse side effects than what the patient was dealing with before hand- well that is frustrating and wrong.

There are things we can do for better health. We can make better choices in what we eat, drink and what we do with our time.

So I hope you all don't mind if I do my best to affect the little part of the planet that I can reach with important information. Information that I don't think is shared enough. Especially with all the false information that is going around.

God has given us free will. We are able to make our own choices. We are so much better off when we turn our wills over to Him and allow Him to guide and direct us. When we ask Him to guide us, He is faithful.

As long as there is false information going around. I feel that it is important for me to speak out for truth. And I hope by doing so that I can help encourage someone to choose to incorporate different elements into their lifestyles to bring them better health.

***You really can affect your health by the choices you make!***
** Make your choices wisely! **


  1. Everybody needs encouragement! Most people already know what they "should" do in many situations, but often do not do it because it is not what everyone else is doing. So encouraging people to take care of themselves is so very needed, whether it is new information to them or not.

  2. Your posts about health are always so encouraging. I love that you take the time to share. The human body is so intricate that we just can never stop learning about how God made us.


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