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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Today I wanted to share with you all something that I have learned. I do believe that I am having better success with having variety in my exercise routine. Since I have added things to my walking - I have noticed that I feel that my posture is better and that I have more energy.
On my to do list for this week - was mowing my yard. And so since the back yard looked like it really needed attention- that is where I started. So on Monday I began mowing the back yard. I was able to get a much bigger section of it at one time than last year. Then on Tuesday I was able to mow the entire front yard. And last year, I usually had to stop for a rest 3/4th of the way done. Yes - our yard is quite big- and it does not help that it is a bit bumpy and hilly. Anyway I was thrilled that I was able to get more of it done than last year. That is just one more example of why exercise is important- it helps with real life jobs.
The cool thing - is that there is a good chance that you already have plenty of things in your own home in order to provide yourself with a variety of options of what do to for your exercise time.
I had a couple of exercise tapes -
 This next one is challenging- it is a good thing that it is set up in 10 minute sections. It comes with a green rubber band in which to use with your workouts- resistant bands- to help you see results quicker. I have only tried the first section and then the upper body section- I really like this one and use it after some of my other workouts.
I'll be honest - I did order this dvd - and paid less than $9.00 for 7 options of workouts!
I already had these 3 pound weights that I bought a while back. I was thrilled to have found them again and put them to work to help me see results. 
Do not forget about the options of finding work out programs on TV.
The program that actually helped me realize that I was going to need to do something other than just walking on my treadmill to get me in shape was Rise Up with Jennifer Webster. HERE is her website. You can order DVD's from her - and you can also go to Youtube and look her up - I think that there is at least a couple of her workouts there.
KERA- Channel 13 - maybe it is called different things in different areas - but anyway it is the channel that plays Sesame Street. They usually have a workout on it. Maybe more than one.
Anyway the whole idea of this post is to share with you - that there are many options of things you can do for your health. The main thing is to get up and move. Add variety. Don't just do the same thing all the time - you will get bored. I know for me - I have enjoyed my exercise time much more now that I do a variety of things. I actually spend more time in exercise as well. There is no way I am going to be able to stay on my treadmill for 45 minutes- but I can spend 45 minutes to even an hour exercising by doing a variety of things. And because I am spending more time I am feeling better.
Be sure and look around your house - see what all you have that you could change up what you do for your exercise time- you might be surprised at what all you come up with. Then add something to your schedule, you will be happy with the results. It's good to move that body!

Oh I need to write a post about something that I learned from Leslie Sansome on my new dvd. Be watching for that - It might be a bit surprising- it was for me.

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