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Monday, March 14, 2016

Favorite Things

So I wanted to share a new favorite with you today!
So a while back I shared that I was having a problem with my eye lashes on my right eye. It had gotten so bad there for a while that I was even having a hard time wearing mascara. The problem was that some of the top lashes - instead of going straight out or flipping upwards - well they were kind of aiming downward. So the problem was that they would tangle a bit with the bottom lashes and I would have to reach up there and kind of push them apart. I actually stopped wearing mascara for a while.
Then an unexpected source just happened to share with me about some great mascara that was actually very reasonably priced.
So I went and got myself some and I began to use it. It took some time but my eye lashes are beginning to act a lot better. They are not quite curling up like the other sides lashes - but they are not aiming downward, which is awesome!

Anyway I wanted to share with you all what kind of mascara has contributed to an answer to prayer:
I am so thankful to have improvement in this are. I still have a list of 6-7 things that I am praying about that I just have to hold onto hope that there will be an answer to them.
There is one of those prayers - that I may have found some help for- and if so I will share about it on here, but only if it is a success. Don't want to encourage anyone to try a product if I am not sure that it is a great product.
Oh a little note about this Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara - is water proof- I think this is one reason it has been such a good thing for me to use. It stays put. So at the end of the day - you still have mascara on! It takes a bit of effort to get it off.  But hey - it is worth its' cost if it stays put. And it is only about $6-$7 dollars. That is a pretty good deal for an answer to prayer! :)

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