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Friday, March 4, 2016

Heart Gifts...series

Unaware, We Pass "Him" By

On life's busy thoroughfares
We meet with angels unawares-
But we are too busy to listen or hear,
Too busy to sense that God is near,
Too busy to stop and recognize
The grief that lies in another's eyes,
Too busy to offer to help or share,
Too busy to sympathize or care,
Too busy to do the good things we should,
Telling ourselves we would if we could...
But life is too swift and the pace is too great
And we dare not pause for we might be late
For our next appointment which means so much,
We are willing to brush off the Saviour's touch,
And we tell ourselves there will come a day
We will have more time to pause on our way...
But before we know it "life's sun has set."
And we've passed the Saviour but never met,
For hurrying along life's thoroughfare
We passed Him by and remained unaware
That within the very sight of our eye,
Unnoticed, the Son of God passed by.
~ Helen Steiner Rice

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