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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Monthly Clothing Report

So for the months of Jan and Feb - a grand total of $8.98 was all I spent on clothing. Well obviously by my above photo - I have had better luck this month.

So I decided instead of lots of individual photos I would post it like this. I only figured this out because on my phone photos - it was set up like this so I took a photo of what was on my phone screen and then edited it. But I am quite happy with how it turned out. The colors are not always true to product - example of that is the two blue top and then cami.

OK so the first photo - I just wanted to show you my cute little pen I found a few weeks ago - it's one I share with the granddaughter- the little body comes out when you are going to write and then pop up and disappear if you aren't. She helped me write out information in my binder in my purse - until I thought how heavy she was and found a pencil.

Ok - I am not even sure ya'll are interested in knowing how much each thing cost - if not - then next month I will leave that off - if anyone has any feelings either one way or the other - let me know.

I will go left to right - starting with the first row:

Bill Blass capris - these cost $3.93

Then we have a like new pair of Faded Glory capris $7.57- these were actually gifted to me.

The top on the right - is a Catherine's brand top- it was half off and I only had to pay $2.24 for it. On the hanger it is not as impressive as it is on- I have worn it and got a compliment on it. I think that navy blue is one of my best colors to wear.

Next row:
Grey St. John's Bay top- this was $4.94
(the top two buttons seem to have a problem staying buttoned - I am planning on going in and sewing that closed so that it can stay modest and look nice)

The next one is a Beverly Drive sleeveless slinky top- $3.93
(this is a great top for church and I will wear with a black skirt that I have)

Next one - Faded Glory - this was new with tags- tag stated a price of $11.97 but I only paid $5.45

Cato- sleeveless top - New with tags - price of 19.99 crossed off and had a price of $13.99 printed. but I only paid $6.56

Bottom Row:

Avenue sleeveless top with a lace panel down the front- New with tags - tags said $34.00 but I only paid $3.73

Cato's brown cami with lace - $1.91
(this cami will be worn with the cato sleeveless top - unless I sew a panel of lace in where it goes too low in the front)

Apt. 9 turquoise cami $3.93

Last but not least:
a pair of Cato jeans - with white stitching - $4.94
(I have worn these and absolutely love them!!)

Not pictured is a black half slip - $2.99

So a total for the month of March is $ 44.55

Sounds like quite a bit but when added to the previous things bought for the year- $8.98 for a total of $53.53 - when dividing into 3 - for the 3 months of the year - it equals about $17.84- which is actually more than some people spend on one piece of clothing.

I will be continuing to look for summer clothes and also short sleeved tops. - so hopefully I will have some more luck!

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