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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Cross Forever Settled This Issue

"The devil knew of God's justice- that His whole government was a government of justice. He knew that if God went against His own character of justice, His government would fall. What he did not understand was the love of God, which had conceived of a plan, before the foundation of the earth, making provision to forgive sinners and still maintain justice.
Satan thought he had God in a corner. Either sinners wouldn't be forgiven, and man would perish; or else sinners would be... forgiven, God's government would go down, and Satan and his angels would gain control.
But the cross forever settled this issue. When Jesus cried, " It is finished!" The devil knew that his doom was sealed. He knew that he was finished, and that all that remained was for him to get as many as possible to suffer and perish with him."
The Return of Elijah pg 83-84

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  1. And he's getting desperate. Wild blows a-plenty being thrown at those of persist in following Christ.

    May God continue to uphold us and keep us faithful.


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