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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Three Major Issues At The Tree

"Of the three major issues involved at the tree in the garden, two we will call doctrinal, and the third one we'll call experiential. The first issue- you don't have to obey God. Go ahead and eat. The second issue- if you disobey and break His commandments ,the penalty won't be what He said it would be. You won't really die. Two doctrinal issues: you don't have to obey God's commandments, and you won't really die. And the third issue was experiential- yes shall be as gods. You will become your own God. It has been the devil's deception ever since- for centuries Satan has been trying to get people to be their own gods. The serpent started his program at the tree, and he's going to continue and finish his program in the same way, over the same issues." The Return of Elijah by Morris Vendon, pg 75

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