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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Surprised~ A Dream Come True

So a couple of months ago - I mentioned that there were plans in the works in order to fulfill a dream of mine(and my husbands). This dream began 10 years ago when my husband bought me a Janome Sewing Machine. While we were at the shop looking at the sewing machines - he saw a quilting machine and really wanted to get it for me. I had only been quilting - piecing quilts together for a couple of years at that point. And truthfully I was not ready for a quilter. And of course - we did not have the money. My sewing machine cost quite a bit and we could not afford to do both.
Well about a month or so ago we had my sewing machine service- first time in 10 years. And while my husband was at the shop dropping the machines off- he saw it. A wonderful quilting machine- and the best part about it was that it would fit in my sewing room! Many quilting machines take ALOT of space. And this one is only 3X5!
He told me about the machine and took me up to look at it and I loved it too. So we began the process to try to get it. And at first I was a bit frustrated because financing held things up for about a month. But - it ended up being the best thing ever! Because what happened is that they had sold out of all of their Dream Machine Frames and so we bought the display model- just the frame - not the machine. And we saved 20% off the total price.
So I did not know that the process was still in the works and on Friday - my husband had a dinner to go to with his work crew to celebrate a coworkers anniversary with the company. Several hours later - he was still gone. Well I didn't think too much about it because SweetPea and I had our own plans for the day.
When my husband got home - he asked me to come look at something. When I got out to the truck - I saw it! There was the quilting machine!! I was overwhelmed for sure!
Why Papa was putting everything together SweetPea was saying - I know how to do it. Let me show you how to do it Papa! I thought it was so funny! She has never sewn before but she was sure that she could do it. And sure enough - she did! We let her go at it and she did quite a good job! She got to play before I did- she is braver than me!

So I have been doing a bit of practicing with my new machine and I have really enjoyed it.
Although after I worked on this bit of meandering - my first attempt-- I looked at some of the paper work that came with the machine and come to find out I was going backwards. Hoping to get some time on it to try it out the right

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