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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Piecemealing Tupperware

Ok - you all know how much I love Tupperware! What I don't love is the prices of brand new Tupperware- plus the shipping and handling charges that make it so expensive.
I have been quite lucky with finding a few Tupperware items here and there.
A couple of months ago my husband found these two containers at a small local thrift store- only problem is that they came with NO lids. We bought them- only paid about 50 cents or so each container. I had SO hoped that I could find some lids while thrift shopping but no luck. So I finally gave in and got on Ebay and looked for some lids. There were some expensive prices. So when I saw the auctions for these lids- I decided to try to get them. I took in to consideration that these containers run about $21.00 and $29.00. And that is not considering the shipping and handling and tax. So I figured paying 5-6 dollars for each lid would be reasonable. Well I lucked out and was able to get these two lids for less than $10.00. So it ended up being about $4.57 per lid. So each container cost me less than $6.00. Now that is a deal!!
So when you are thrift shopping - be sure to keep your eyes open for these great Tupperware containers- you might be surprised when you find. And remember you can probably find replacement parts - if things are missing.

I have also found a set of blue bowls, a couple of cereal containers, a small pitcher, and a couple other of these containers- with lids! Oh and measuring cups! It's hard to resist the older color measuring cups. Haven't found those in a long time- but I always keep my eyes open.

Stay tuned I have a lot more to share!! :)

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  1. Those are my exact Tupperware pieces! I bought a bunch years ago--before children--and did it through having my own Tupperware party so I got a discount. Mitch thought I was silly at the time, but he has said later that he can't believe how long we have had them! I have had two lids crack on me, but after around 24 years I guess that is not too bad! Never thought about looking on eBay for lids!


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