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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

God's Guidance

In December of 2014, our Sabbath School leader and his wife - moved their membership to another church in the area. This was very hard for me and the rest of the class left behind. We had a very special class. A class that not only talked about biblical thing but also how to apply them to our everyday life's. We also had time to share what was going on in our lives. We were able to get to know one another and really care about each other.
Our class still has a lot of these attributes- but to be honest we have floundered around trying to find our way. I have been challenged in what I was suppose to do. And I tried out other Sabbath School- only to realize that I belonged back in my Sabbath School.
Then several weeks ago - while I was at my favorite little thrift shop - I found 5 brand new copies of Morris Venden's "To Know God~ A 5-day plan" I had found other copies but they were older copies and kind of crispy - as in when you open them up they fall apart. That is the way my book is.
Anyway so I found 5 copies. I bought them. And 2 weeks ago - I handed them out to the other ladies in my Sabbath School class. This Sabbath one of the ladies came in and told how the week before she had had a very hard week- so she decided to stay home from church. She got her book and started to read. She said that it was exactly what she needed to be reading. And so we decided that we would start reading this book and discussing it for our Sabbath School. A real answer to prayer for me. Because I knew that we needed something to guide us along in our discussions. And thankfully now we have something. And like I have shared in the past. All the Morris Venden books that I have read have been great. I have gotten a real blessing out of them. They help me understand Biblical things so much better.
It took over a year - but I do believe that our Sabbath School is on the right path. We still have time to share about things in our lives that bother us and to pray for one another - but now we will have something that is uplifting and will draw us into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. And that is what it's all about! To Know God!  


  1. What a great post. I'd love to read that book. I came over from Denise's because I saw your name Lisa in Texas. I'm in Texas too. I really enjoyed reading this post. I'm following you now. Come over and visit neighbor! I'm going to check out your sewing room label now!


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