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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Hidden Hammer

I'm back! I have so many different things to share with you all but a lot of the posts will take some time and effort to get the photos all ready and such. So I thought that today I would share a little trick that may be helpful to some of you.

My husband has many tool. All sorts of tools for all sorts of jobs. He has tools here and he has tools there. Well I got kind of tired of not being able to find a hammer when I needed one and so I decided long ago to hide one in my towel closet. Well we all know it is there - it is just where I decided to put a hammer- at the bottom under all the bath towels. Now every time I need a hammer I can find it.

I am sharing today because I had this pretty little heart hanging from an over the door hanger, on my sewing room door. Well I moved the over the door hanger to the room for our granddaughter because I hang her church bag on it. And since we have moved most of her things to the other room - I thought it was time to move the bag to that door as well. So I needed to hang up my cute plaque.
So I found the perfect nail and went to find my hammer. And as I was pulling it out I thought of it as my hidden hammer and how it might be useful to someone out there to have a hammer placed somewhere - where you know where it is so that you can find a hammer when needed.
Well I better close for now. I have some mowing to do and a list of other things to do.
And since it is a pretty day outside - but a bit chilly I decided to make a batch of granola. Then I decided to try a new recipe for bread- it was called Healthy Bread. So I have that rising as well. Lots going on around here- trying to catch up. Hope you all are doing well. :O)

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