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Thursday, February 16, 2017




"And, let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."
Revelation 22:17
Since our bodies are about three-fourths water, it is vitally important to keep giving it a fresh supply. Yes, you can drink other liquids but, there is nothing quite like water to restore the body. Drink some water today. You need at least 8 eight ounce glasses every single day. If you don't drink until you are thirsty, you are already becoming dehydrated.
Did you know what water does?
1. Carries body chemicals throughout the body system.
2. Aids in the digestion of food(should be taken at least 1/2 hours before or after a meal so it won't interfere with digestion.)
3. Keeps all moving body parts lubricated.
4. Purifies the blood.
5. Invigorates body organs.
6. Regulates the body temperature.
7. Contributes to proper bowel elimination.
8. Aids in resisting diseases.
A hot water treatment followed by a cold water application increases the red blood cells from 20-35%. These red blood cells clean and nourish the body. But even more important, the white blood cells, which fight infections, are increased from 200% - 300% after a hot and cold water treatment. What a blessing!
The effect of a cold water treatment, temperature of the water below 85% degrees, is an instant contraction of the small arteries. A brief application of cold water produces a momentary contraction followed by relaxation and an increase in the blood supply to the specific area.
The effect of a hot water treatment, temperature of the water higher than 98 degrees, will increase the circulation. Hot baths are extremely stimulating to the system.
The effects of warm water treatment, temperature of the water between 85 and 92 degrees are mild soothing. The warm bath increases the action of the skin through absorption and perspiration.
Because water applied externally has all of these wonderful characteristics, we can identify the following healthful uses of water.

1. Toxins in the system are destroyed and the eliminations of these toxins is increased.
2. Due to an increase in circulation and a stimulating effect on the eliminating organs, overall elimination is greatly increased.
3. Due to an increase in circulation, the body's metabolism and the formation of red and white blood cells is increased.
4. There is relief from pain and irritation.

I have personally used water (hydrotherapy) in my new way of life. Everyday, I take a hot and cold shower. This is especially helpful to me in the wintertime as it helps to reduce my risk of getting the flu.
Another treatment I've used is the hot and cold sitz baths. Before my diagnosis, I had suffered for years with abnormal periods, clotting, fibroids, anemia, anovulatory cycles, and had several surgeries to address uterine polyps. (Joann, my friend, said I was like the woman in the Bible with the issue of blood.) M gynecologist offered the pill to "normalize" the hormone levels, but I refused. After the diagnosis and changing my way of life, all of those problems disappeared. I noticed, however, that whenever I was under stress, some of the old problems resurfaced.
I discovered that the hot and cold sitz baths worked wonders and I could feel immediate results. I bought 2 plastic tubs, big enough to sit in, and placed them in my bathtub. I fill one with cold water and two trays of ice. The other one I filled with hot water. After putting on a bathing suit (the water doesn't shock your skin in the tender areas when covered), I sit in the hot water first or about 3-4 minutes and then the cold water for about 2 minute. As the hot water starts to feel cool I add more hot water. I do this contrast about 5-6 times. After drying myself, I briskly rub my tummy, lower back and thighs with a COLD cloth that has been wet and wrung out. Then, I rest (in bed, or on sofa) for about 30 minutes afterwards. I start the treatment the week after my period ends, doing it 5 times that week, three times the second week and twice the third week. I did this for about three months. and have seen dramatic results within that time period.
My brother, who had neuropathy problems was also benefitted by a similar treatment.

Be sure to come back next week- we will be talking about "Air".

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