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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Diet OR Health?

So I saw this on Facebook - it had been shared with "Healthy Living Journey." I thought that it was a great way to show the difference between a diet and healthy living. It also shows the reasons why dieting - does not work -long term.
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I am so thankful that I finally got it- I finally realized that what I was going to have to do was - change my lifestyle - not a situation of doing this till I reach my goal - but a doing this the rest of my life.

I have lost 27 pounds so far. I have been on a plateau for the last 6 weeks. This is partly due to the fact that my husband was home and it was just a bit more difficult for me to keep up with my own schedule. And I believe that part of it is that when a person is losing weight - sometimes it is best for the body to maintain the weight for a while. But I am having more time for exercising and getting back to my schedule and I am hoping to see some weight loss soon. I have 23 more pounds to reach my goal - of losing 50 by 50 years of age. I am confidant that I can reach this goal. And sometimes I get a little impatient with not being there already.

I am feeling better and having more energy. And I have to say - when I go to thrift stores and such it is so much more fun to try stuff on. Especially when it is a couple of sizes smaller than I was 8 months ago.

Eight months ago - shopping was not fun. It was discouraging. I would try things on and they did not look good and it was really disappointing. Now I can go and look and try stuff on - and if stuff doesn't fit - my attitude is much better.

Anyway I hope that this chart helps you with making better choices with what your choices are. Good luck! :O)

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