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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Important Nutrients to Combat Depression

There are specific essential nutrients that help our bodies and our brains. This list of nutrients will help us combat depression. Be sure and check out the source for each nutrient.

roasted pumpkin seeds
gluten flour
sesame seeds
black walnuts
Blackeyed peas
whole milk


Dry cereal
Steak 1/4 ' lean
Egg whole
soy milk (soy dream)
soy milk (EdenSoy Extra)
Milk skim
Milk whole
chicken breast
Egg White
Spinach organic
Soybean organic

*many times a person needs a b12 supplement - I think he said best one was - "methyl cobal amin" Natures Bounty


Flaxseed/Linseed oil
Walnuts, English
Canola oil
Walnuts, black
Wheat Germ oil
Soybean oil Crisco/Wesson)
Green Soybeans/with salt
California Avocado
Safflower oil
Sweet Potato
Roasted Potato
Cucumber ( slices with peel
Whole Wheat Bread


Black eyed peas
red kidney beans
Okra pods
navy beans
mustard greens
spanish peanuts
fresh orange juice
sirloin steak, broiled

Assignment for the week:

1. Look at the list of foods under Tryptophan. Pick more than 2.

2. Look at the list of B12 foods. Choose 3 good choices of B12 that you will begin to incorporate into your diet this week. 

3. Look at the list of Omega-3 foods - and write down four to ten foods you will eat more of starting this week.

4. Look at the list of Folic Acid or Folate and choose four to eight of these foods you will begin consuming more of beginning today.

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